We teach you how to make your own Valorant Badge, so you can make it truly personalized and unique to you... Esports & Gaming Valorant 

How to create your personalized Valorant badge

Want to know how to make a custom Valorant badge to show off to friends and foes? Here’s how to get a nice badge in Riot’s FPS games. Valorant players take ranked matches seriously, and when they play very well, they want stats to show it. Riot recently updated the UI of its FPS games to make in-game stats more prominent. And now the developers want winners to wear their K/D proudly. The new Valorant Badge is perfect for players who want to score nicely. My Valorant Badge is a…

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Valorant rankings are plagued by players Esports & Gaming Valorant 

Valorant rankings are plagued by players using “tactical usernames”

Some Valorant rankings players are creating “tactical usernames” to hide information from their enemies, a new tactic that is becoming an annoyance in games with high MMR Valorant-ranked players are willing to put in the effort to win competitive games. May even change their cool usernames into random formations. This new loophole can see players using ridiculously long tactical usernames to hide their ultimate points. At first glance, this may not seem like a big deal. But it is very annoying to top ELO players. Although not widely known, the…

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Introducing the Valorant Abyssal skin collection Release date, features, and package price Esports & Gaming Valorant 

Introducing the Valorant Abyssal skin collection Release date, features, and package price

Valorant will soon offer a new weapon bundle through the upcoming 5.10 patch. According to ValorLeaks, a reliable source for Valorant, a new skin collection named “Abyssal” will launch in the game..The new bundle includes four weapon skins and one melee skin, launching alongside the highly anticipated GiveBack collection. Riot Games launches a new skin collection every few weeks, Valorant Abyssal skin allowing interested gamers to increase their Valorant inventory. However, not all skin collections have the same properties. Some are casual and rigid in design, while others offer exciting…

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