Valorant rankings are plagued by players using “tactical usernames”

Some Valorant rankings players are creating “tactical usernames” to hide information from their enemies, a new tactic that is becoming an annoyance in games with high MMR

Valorant-ranked players are willing to put in the effort to win competitive games. May even change their cool usernames into random formations. This new loophole can see players using ridiculously long tactical usernames to hide their ultimate points. At first glance, this may not seem like a big deal. But it is very annoying to top ELO players. Although not widely known, the ultimate point is to help monitor enemy positions, tactics, and strategies in FPS.

In Riot, players can change their user name at least once a month. However, Valorant players discovered a legal and unfair loophole in this system that convinced them to stick with their verbose IGNs. You wouldn’t think that usernames would have any bearing on competitive play, but they did. Weapons, strategy, and utility are no longer the only tools for victory.

Tactical usernames consisting of 16 characters hide the ultimate point on the Valorant scoreboard and can make the game confusing for many. Casual Valorant players may turn a blind eye, but in a high MMR, it is a nasty exploit.

Valorant rankings are plagued by players using "tactical usernames"
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Whether the enemy’s ultimate is prepared or not is indicated in the bar above. But highly ranked Valorant players often read the enemy’s strategy in the point tally. For example, if the enemy’s Raze is one point away at the start of the round and has her Showstopper ready without a kill in the round, it means the agent is in the vicinity of the orb. This information is not available from the top bar.

In a similar situation, if an enemy player with a powerful ult is one point away, the defender might think that the enemy might come for the orb and try to play aggressively. Again, these bits change the game in diamond and higher-level matches where the rank demons push for the finer things. Everything from enemy positions to strategy can be seen in the way the ult points increase.

So it is not so ridiculous for a player to sacrifice a cool Valorant IGN. Rather, it’s an extremely important exploit that unfairly adjusts the scoreboard; Valorant has been on the market for more than two years now, but this trick is still new, and Riot may do a character limit or other fixes to maintain consistency in the game.

Riot Games recently overhauled Valorant’s UI and tweaked it based on player response. With Valorant episode 6 act 1 already full of potential new updates, the developer may consider rolling out the necessary changes to the scoreboard.

As a result, those who are “germaphobic” may become “germaphobic.” This new loophole has gamers using ridiculously long tactical usernames to cover their final factor. This has led to this situation. However, such little-known but final factors help monitor the enemy’s location, skill and technique within the FPS.

The final factor is to keep an eye on the enemy’s location, techniques, and techniques within the FPS. However, the most important thing to remember is that the most important thing to remember is to keep your eyes on the road. Therefore, even these trivial things can happen. Therefore, there is no need to worry about such trivial matters.


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