How long is The length of Callisto Protocol? Striking Distance Studio's story-driven sci-fi horror is relentless, and you can expect... Esports & Gaming 

How long is the Description of chapters and length of the Callisto Protocol

Here’s the answer to the length and number of chapters of the Callisto Protocol. You can rest assured that the nightmare of Black Iron will end. How long is The Callisto Protocol? Striking Distance Studio’s story-driven sci-fi horror is relentless, and you can expect to be frustrated at every turn as you escape Black Iron’s prison. As you stumble through the bloody confrontations in the game’s many chapters, you may wonder just how long The Callisto Protocol is. The Callisto Protocol consists of eight chapters and takes approximately 12-14 hours…

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Esports & Gaming Fortnite 

How to Use Fortnite Port a Bunker

The Port-A-Bunker is one of the other new gameplay utility items introduced in the latest Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. It focuses primarily on defeating aggressive enemies by building 1*1 steel-based structures that act as barriers in any combat scenario. How to Get a Port-A-Bunker in “Fortnite Port-A-Bunker can be obtained from chest boxes, more excellent boxes, and ground loots. Unlike Chrome Splash, which is rare and difficult to obtain, Port-A-Bunker is easy to find, mainly because it is found in many named landmark POIs and produces many Pokémon. How…

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Elden Ring players point out confusing detail about great Runes and Runes Arcs

Elden Ring players face numerous hard-fought bosses throughout the game. Some bosses are necessary to advance the storyline, but many are optional. All are challenging, but some are more difficult than others. Particularly challenging bosses are the shard bearers, such as Godric, Radarn, and Rykard, demigods who control the Elden Ring shards. After defeating them, players can skim Great Runes from them. Depending on the player’s build, these Great Runes may have game-changing stats and abilities. For example, the first Great Rune available is from Godric, increasing all Elden Ring…

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The fuses in Grand Theft Auto Online's Mount Chilliard silo are quite difficult to find, so this guide is here to point players in the right direction if they are having trouble finding these items Esports & Gaming GTA 

GTA Online: Where to find fuses at mount Chiliad silo

The final mission in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises” update takes players to the silos of Mount Chilliard. At this location, players will need to repair a power breaker by inserting four fuses. The fuses in Grand Theft Auto Online’s Mount Chilliard silo are quite difficult to find, so this guide is here to point players in the right direction if they are having trouble finding these items. Mount Chiliad Silo Fuse Locations The first fuse in the silo at Mt. Chilliard is located just past the room with the power…

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Apex Legends is not only free to play, but it is also one of the best battle royale games available, EA's hugely popular co-op shooter... Apex Legend Esports & Gaming 

Apex Legends: Winter Tide event was held and very luxurious skins were added

Winter is coming to Apex Legends, with the seasonal “Winter Tide” event occurring from December 6-27. Apex Legends is not only free to play, but it is also one of the best battle royale games. Available EA’s hugely popular co-op shooter where players battle their way through the map. Using not only their weapons but also their characters’ unique abilities. To defeat the enemy team for the win and earn handsome cosmetic rewards! The Winter Tide Collection is the first of its kind in the world. The Winter Tide Collection…

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But this new update offers a helping hand to more than just horses. The decision to abandon a much-loved theme update was a hard one... Esports & Gaming Mine Craft 

Thanks to a new update to Minecraft, you won’t have to drown your horse anymore!

It’s finally here! Minecraft update 1.19.50 has arrived, bringing lots of camel goodness and other great surprises. This update was promised at Minecraft Live in October. We got to hear from Agnes Larsson and Jens Bergensten, lead designers and spokespersons for Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. Talk about their plans for new content the following year. At the center of it all updates 1.19.50, which promises new developments for the blocky adventure game. However, this update is not themed around one cohesive theme as in previous years, including updates to caves…

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Esports & Gaming 

Mortal Kombat” Developer Will Not Show New Work at Game Awards

Mortal Kombat Developer Won’t Announce New Game at Game Awards If you think Netherrealm Studios might announce its next game at The Game Awards next week, the answer is no. Creative director Ed Boon himself responded to expectations on Twitter. Noting that the studio is not yet ready to announce a new game. Citing the surprise reveal of “Mortal Kombat 11” at The Game Awards in December 2018. Boon said that the developer was great, but one might have thought that it might be repeated this year. Since that is…

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With the launch of Pearl, Split will be removed from the Valorant map pool... Valorant map "Split" loading screen... Esports & Gaming Valorant 

Patch 6.0 brings back “Valorant map Split” after a long hiatus

In Riot’s FPS game, the Valorant map split took place in early 2022. But the January 2023 patch 6.0 brings back the crumbling city with changes to the rank pool. The New Year means a new Valorant map rotation. The return of the much-anticipated Split map. Which will be reintroduced to the FPS game’s location pool after a few months of inactivity. The split was removed from Valorant’s Ranked and Unrated modes on June 16, 2022, and has not appeared. Due to “player sentiment, time since release, past and future…

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Darktide Daemonhost knocks out and kills two players one after the other. - In order to defeat Daemonhost, you need to concentrate... Esports & Gaming 

How to kill a Darktide Daemonhost: Warhammer 40k

Sometimes when you slaughter the inhabitants of Tertium. You hear a voice in your head, the Darktide Daemonhost, and they are not to be confused. Suppose you’re asking how to defeat the Darktide Daemon host. You’ve probably encountered this evil entity and suffered because of it. Daemonhost can destroy half of your troops in no time if you’re not careful. So be prepared for your mission to go wrong. What is the Dark Tide Daemonhost? They are boss-class enemies randomly appearing when you try to complete objectives in cooperative play.…

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Esports & Gaming Genshin Impact 

Primo Gems for Streamers and Viewers at Genshin Impact Twitch Event

This Genshin Impact Twitch event will offer free primo gems to streamers playing the version 3.3 update of the anime RPG and viewers watching it! This year’s Genshin Impact will offer free primo gems, moras, level-up materials, and more as part of the anime game’s Twitch Creator Program. Both streamers and their viewers will have the chance to earn these rewards as they accumulate hours of streaming and viewing time in version 3.3 after the December 7 launch. After the release of version 3.3, participants who stream more than 6…

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