Wordle Today’s answer hints and Solution #709, Monday, May 29

Wordle Today's answer hints and Solution
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Today’s Wordle answer is easier than yesterday’s. According to the New York Times WordleBot, the average player completes Wordle #709 in 3.8 moves on both easy and hard modes.

Each day we will update this article with Wordle tips and hints to help you find today’s answer. And for those of you for whom the hints are not enough or who don’t have time to complete today’s puzzle, we will also provide the answer. In addition, for those of you reading this in another time zone, I will also include an analysis of yesterday’s puzzle, #708.

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Wordle Today’s hints

Today, the word you need to find describes a small, common rodent with a long, hairless tail that is sometimes kept as a pet. No, not a rat, another rat. To solve this word, you need to find three different vowels.

Today I discovered the green early, found a happy glimmer of light, and was soon victorious. Today’s Wordle required no grand strategy, no mild panic, and no detailed examination of past attempts.

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What is the answer to today’s Wordle?

Before we publish the answers, this is your last chance to solve today’s Wordle, so take your last guess now.

Today’s Wordle answer has three vowels and no repeating letters. Today’s (May 29) Wordle answer (puzzle 709) is


We update this page daily to check for the latest Wordle answer, but if you have trouble checking, there is a convenient way to solve the puzzle yourself. As mathematician Jonathan Olson points out, you should start guessing with words that contain a lot of vowels.

Answers to the past 10 Wordle

Answers to past Wordle puzzles help eliminate the guesswork in today’s Wordle puzzles. You can also get ideas for starting words to keep your daily puzzles fresh.

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  • Sunday, May 28: SKIMP
  • Saturday, May 27: RAMEN
  • Friday, May 26: SWINE
  • Thursday, May 25: BAGEL
  • Wednesday, May 24: UTTER
  • Tuesday, May 23: CLERK
  • Monday, May 22: IGLOO
  • Sunday, May 21: BRASH
  • Saturday, May 20: FLASK
  • Friday, May 19: GRIEF


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