How To Use Genji Overwatch 2

Genji may be a common pick, but it takes some getting used to for him to really shine

Genji in Overwatch 2 remains one of the more popular DPS characters thanks to his exceptional mobility. But being fast doesn’t necessarily mean easy; Genji may be a common pick, but it takes some getting used to for him to really shine. He also differs from the typical DPS hero in that he is better … Read more

Minecraft village locations

How to find a village in Minecraft and, what to expect from the villagers when you arrive, how to trade and summon Iron Golems. Looking for Minecraft villages? Or want to understand how these cute little towns work? Minecraft villages are a great resource for stocking up on items before exploring and brewing potions in … Read more

Beast Ball Location and How to Get | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV)

In “Pokémon Scarlet Violet,” as in many previous Pokémon games, there are many different types of Pokéballs, each with its own advantages and specialties. A total of 14 Pokéballs are available in “Pokémon Scarlet Violet,” most of which can be purchased at the Pardia store. Beast Balls first appeared in the seventh generation and have … Read more

How does an Observer block work in Minecraft

Minecraft’s Observer block is a very useful Redstone component block. When a player wants to create some Redstone contraption, this block is needed one way or the other. However, many players unfamiliar with the Redstone mechanics of the game may not know exactly how this block works. Redstone blocks have six boulders, two Redstone dust, … Read more

Minecraft Jenny Mod: All You Need to Know

Who is Minecraft Jenny? Jenny is an exciting fictional character created by Slippery Tum, developer of Minecraft Group. Think of Jenny as your virtual girlfriend. The best part of the game is you can date her and give her diamonds, gold, emeralds, and other gems. Thus, those who cannot publicize their feelings can see this … Read more

All Security Drone locations in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Safety Drones are yet another little collection of tricks that Bungie has thrown our way this season. These drifting yellow orbs can only be ruined if you shoot them with the brand-new unique pulse rifle; Revision Absolutely no. They seem to be connected to a mysterious door you can locate in the … Read more

Splatoon 3 crashes or won’t load on Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter game developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. Like its predecessors in the “Splatoon” series, the game consists of a story-driven single-player mode and competitive online multiplayer. However, some players have encountered problems with Splatoon 3 crashing or not loading on their Nintendo Switch consoles. If you are … Read more

Elden Ring: How To Get Mushroom Armor Set & Locations

Among the many unique pieces of equipment available at Eldenring is the Mushroom Armor Set. This unique armor consists of three torsos and two helmets and boasts a high resistance to the most adverse conditions in the game. It has the highest defense against poison and scarlet rot compared to other sets. The Mushroom set … Read more