Beast Ball Location and How to Get | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV)

In “Pokémon Scarlet Violet,” as in many previous Pokémon games, there are many different types of Pokéballs, each with its own advantages and specialties. A total of 14 Pokéballs are available in “Pokémon Scarlet Violet,” most of which can be purchased at the Pardia store.

Beast Balls first appeared in the seventh generation and have appeared several times in the subsequent “Pokémon” series. Beast Balls are a type of Pokeball previously used to catch Ultra Beast-type Pokemon, but these have been axed in the latest installment of the long-lived franchise.

Catching Pokémon

Beast Balls are not very effective at catching Pokémon compared to the much higher cost Pokéballs or even the standard. Rather, they are relics of Pokémon past, available later in the game.

While it does not interfere much with the action, it is a rare item to add to your Pokémon collection. If you are looking for a Beast Ball in Pardia, you are in the right place. All you need to do to get your hands on a Beast Ball in Pokémon Scarlett & Violet is this.

How to get a Beast Ball in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Unlike most Pokéballs, Beast Balls cannot be purchased in the in-game store. Currently, the only way to obtain a Beast Ball is to completely fill the Pokédex and return to Jack, the trainer’s homeroom. Jack will give you the only confirmed rare Beast Ball in the game by completing the Pokédex.

Pokémon Scarlet Violet features a number of rare Pokémon that players can hunt, including legendary Pokémon and Paradoxes. This “Beast Ball” does not aid in capturing these Pokémon, but it is an unusual accessory that is useful in your Pokéball.

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