How To Use Genji Overwatch 2

Genji in Overwatch 2 remains one of the more popular DPS characters thanks to his exceptional mobility. But being fast doesn’t necessarily mean easy; Genji may be a common pick, but it takes some getting used to for him to really shine. He also differs from the typical DPS hero in that he is better in the shadows rather than on the front lines. Here are some ways to play Genji efficiently.

Genji overview

Genji routinely tops Overwatch’s DPS rankings. He can double jump and climb walls, and one of his combat abilities allows him to leap forward and attack; he is adept at surprising the enemy team, dashing in to harass them and leaping away before they can recover. He can also reflect flying bullets, something normally only a tank can do.

The biggest mistake when playing Genji is to assume that his accolades make him a great DPS character; his low HP and slow attack speed keep him from being on the front lines, and Genji cannot take down tanks with his relatively weak attacks. Mobility is important, but it also means that healers other than Chirico will have difficulty keeping up with Genji. He certainly deserves praise. But for him to shine, he needs practice and a different kind of play style.

Like a ninja Genji Overwatch 2

Genji’s wall climbing and double jumps are perfect for sneaking up on enemies while the rest of the team is heading the other way. Genji can reach higher ground and take down snipers with ease. Also, since they do not have to follow the normal path, they can change their path of travel, attracting the enemy’s attention or making them think they are going in one direction and then instantly changing course.

However, these abilities are not perfect. The two-step jump can momentarily throw off the enemy’s aim, but if used too often, the opponent will learn the pattern. Wall climbing is effective when Genji speeds up the opponent with a swift strike and leaps away before the opponent can recover. This animation takes a few seconds, so you can weaken them and get away before they reach their destination.

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Greatness at a cost

Genji’s ultimate is powerful, but be careful how you use it. It takes several seconds to activate, during which time it is weakened. Also, because it replaces a shuriken attack, it requires getting closer than normal to inflict damage. If successful without being killed, the dragon blade can inflict enormous damage with each swing, quickly eliminating the enemy party.

Although Genji usually works alone, it is good to pair him with a strong tank when using the Dragon Blade. Tanks like Reinhardt and Orisa will be able to get closer to their targets without taking damage and will help them retreat when their abilities end.

Water off a duck Genji Overwatch 2

Genji’s deflect ability is one of the most useful as it deflects almost everything, including Widowmaker’s shots, Pharah’s rockets, and Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor ability.

If Genji fights enemies one-on-one, it is probably safe to use Deflect, but if multiple enemies are nearby, it is better to find a way to escape and regain his position. Ideally, you should conserve your enemy’s abilities and Ultimate to deflect. Still, most enemies know this and will not use their skills until you use them to deflect, making it difficult to counter their abilities in a stalling battle.

Every ninja has their limits

Genji is best for targeting weaker targets. While his shurikens do enough damage to take out less resilient support units like Zenyatta and Lucio in a few shots, Genji struggles against stronger heroes and is toothless against tanks unless he uses Dragonblade. Reinhardt is an exception because he is slow-moving and cannot easily reach Genji at high altitudes.

Genji’s movement skill is a good counter to Sombra because it is a passive ability, allowing him to escape more easily than other heroes when hacked by Sombra. He can also deflect Ashe’s stuff other than B.O.B., but be sure to keep your distance when you see an enemy Doomfist. Genji does not have much recourse against him.

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