Why Are My Heroes Locked In OverWatch 2, Fixed


Heroes in Overwatch 2 are locked because the data from Overwatch 1 has not yet been synced to Overwatch 2.

If you have already integrated your account (on a console), you will have to wait for the Overwatch 1 data to be transferred to Overwatch 2.

According to an Overwatch announcement by community manager Jodie, it is taking a while because of the load on the player database.

Many players on Blizzard’s forums have complained about locked heroes.

“I finally got into Overwatch 2, but most of the characters are locked, and it says “unlocked through Special Challenges, Battle Pass, or in-game store.” All the cosmetics seem to be there, but for some reason, all the characters are locked as if it were a new account.”

“Yeah, same problem here. Skins, legacy coins, and career profile are all there, only the character is locked (PC)”.

“Same here. All cosmetics seem to be in sync, but old heroes are locked on PC.

How to fix locked heroes in Overwatch 2

To fix a locked hero in Overwatch 2, you will need to re-login to Battle.net and restart the game.

To fix a locked hero in Overwatch 2, you will need to re-login to Battle.net and restart the game.

If your hero remains locked after restarting the game, you will need to wait for Overwatch 1 data to be synced to Overwatch 2.

This may take several hours due to the player database being overloaded.

Fix 1: Relog and restart the game

  1. Close Overwatch 2.
  2. Log out of Battle.net and close it.
  3. Open Battle.net and log in to it.
  4. Launch Overwatch 2.

Source: Blizzard Technical Support forum.

Several players claimed that restarting the game fixed a bug that locked up their heroes.

“Restart the game. that fixed it!” .

“Closing and reopening Overwatch 2 fixed it (I also logged out and logged in from the Battle.net app).

Fix 2: Wait for your items to transfer over

  • Blizzard mentioned that Overwatch 1 heroes might take longer to sync to Overwatch 2 due to an overloaded player database.
  • They are currently investigating the issue and will roll out a client-side fix in the coming weeks.
  • No player data will be erased or lost.

Fix 3: Open a support ticket

  1. Go to https://us.battle.net/support/en/games/overwatch.
  2. Select the “Technical” option.
  3. Click on the “Contact Support” button.
  4. Include a description of your issue.
  5. Select “I still need help”.
  6. Select “Technical” > Your platform > Can’t connect > Contact Us.
  7. Log in to your Battle.net account to submit a web ticket.


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