Elden Ring: How To Get Mushroom Armor Set & Locations


Among the many unique pieces of equipment available at Eldenring is the Mushroom Armor Set. This unique armor consists of three torsos and two helmets and boasts a high resistance to the most adverse conditions in the game. It has the highest defense against poison and scarlet rot compared to other sets. The Mushroom set completely covers the player in mushrooms and fungi, making it one of the most unique-looking armor sets in the Elden Ring.

You will need two Stone Sword Keys to obtain this armor set. This item is used to unlock certain game areas by breaking the seal on the Imp’s statue. Players can enter the game as Keepsake for the two Stonesword keys, loot them at several locations in Land Between, or purchase them for 4000 runes from merchants like Twin Maiden Husks.

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Where To Find the Mushroom Crown In Elden Ring

Most of the mushroom armor sets are clustered in 1 location; the heavier helm, the Mushroom Crown, is located in the underground area of Lake Rot. You can be reached via the Einsel River Main. (portal at Lena’s hill or the elevator at Einsel River Well) in Lurnia on the shores of Lake Eldenring.

From the Land of Grace on the shores of Lot’s Lake, continue southeast across the lake to reach the depths of the caves; there you should see some ruins and a basilisk; behind these enemies is a fallen pillar, which you should be able to use to climb to the top of the ruins on the right. Go to the top and jump on the pillar where the corpse is hanging, and you will find a mushroom crown.

Where To Find the Mushroom Armor Set In Elden Ring

To obtain the mushroom armor sato, you must travel to two locations. The mushroom crown is located in the rotting lake, and the rest of the mushroom set is in the holy water cave.

  1. Mushroom Crown Location
  2. Mushroom Armor Set Location

Do players Need To Get The Mushroom Armor Set?

There are a variety of status abnormalities that, when applied, can cause significant damage. Enemies can also apply various status abnormalities, and so can your character. Mushroom armor sets have the highest immunity in the game in every slot. It increases immunity, concentration and life force resistance.

The mushroom crown also has a unique skill: when equipped, it increases attack power when poisoned or corrupted objects are nearby. Even the effect lasts after the headdress is removed, so that can use to buff the attack before taking to the strong enemy.

To obtain the full set, you will need to visit two locations. You can get this set as soon as possible.

Mushroom Crown Location

You must go to the Seater Cave on Mount Germia in the Altus Plateau region to get the rest of the set. That can reach this area via the Dectus Grand Lift. Follow the highlighted path from the Place of Grace on the Altus Plateau to reach the Seater Cave.

To enter the cave, you will need two Stone Sword keys. Inside the cave, activate the Site of Grace and enter the tunnel through the ledge to reach the poisoned area. Exit the tunnel and head southwest to the main area. You will encounter a mushroom enemy that will try to grab you. Defeat the enemy and keep moving.

Follow this path southwest to a cave crawling with rats. Follow the right wall of the cave to enter a room with a Giant Miranda Sprout. The set of mushroom armor is located behind the Giant Miranda Sprout. Defeat all the enemies here and pick up the rest of the mushroom set.


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