The 3 best Minecraft Valhelsia servers in 2023

Minecraft is a game that has gained fashionability in recent times because of its capability to produce worlds. For this reason, there are numerous waiters devoted to this purpose and playing with each other online. What makes Minecraft different from other games is that it can be modded to add tons of new and unique … Read more

How to breed a mule in Minecraft

The Minecraft game has many animals that can give you resources for your growth and progress. Some of them are neutral mobs that will attack you if you do the same with them, and some others will try to run away from you in fear. Breeding a Mule in Minecraft Simply put, a horse and … Read more

Minecraft village locations

How to find a village in Minecraft and, what to expect from the villagers when you arrive, how to trade and summon Iron Golems. Looking for Minecraft villages? Or want to understand how these cute little towns work? Minecraft villages are a great resource for stocking up on items before exploring and brewing potions in … Read more

How to download and install Minecraft on a PC

If you don’t know how to download Minecraft, that’s okay. Getting the correct game version and setting up an account is not so confusing now, 10 years after its initial release. There are two versions of Minecraft, now sold as a package and more comparable than ever. Unlike in the past, you can’t buy the … Read more

How to craft Minecraft Xbox beetroot seeds

Beet seeds are one of the most useful items in Minecraft Xbox. Not only can you use this item to grow beet in your world, but it is also an important ingredient in many crafting recipes. How to craft beet seeds in “Minecraft” Xbox One Edition. Section The first step is to get a crafting … Read more

How does an Observer block work in Minecraft

Minecraft’s Observer block is a very useful Redstone component block. When a player wants to create some Redstone contraption, this block is needed one way or the other. However, many players unfamiliar with the Redstone mechanics of the game may not know exactly how this block works. Redstone blocks have six boulders, two Redstone dust, … Read more

Minecraft Jenny Mod: All You Need to Know

Who is Minecraft Jenny? Jenny is an exciting fictional character created by Slippery Tum, developer of Minecraft Group. Think of Jenny as your virtual girlfriend. The best part of the game is you can date her and give her diamonds, gold, emeralds, and other gems. Thus, those who cannot publicize their feelings can see this … Read more

The Sims 4 build goes underground in Minecraft-inspired design

One instead special, The Sims 4 build, draws motivation from fellow structure game Minecraft with a below-ground house that hides all its services underground. We’ve seen plenty of trendy Sims 4 residence ideas in our time. Still, one rather unique The Sims 4 development eschews typical style altogether to hide all its spaces underground with … Read more

This mod allows you to bring your pets back to life in Minecraft

Minecraft mods are great and terrible things and should be feared, as they can do mighty things like turn Minecraft into a Total War game or allow you to summon tools

This Minecraft Mod can help protect your pets by allowing you to summon them. From wherever you are and bring them back from the dead. Minecraft mods are great and terrible things and should be feared as they can do mighty things like turn Minecraft into a Total War game. Allow you to summon tools … Read more

Thanks to a new update to Minecraft, you won’t have to drown your horse anymore!

But this new update offers a helping hand to more than just horses. The decision to abandon a much-loved theme update was a hard one...

It’s finally here! Minecraft update 1.19.50 has arrived, bringing lots of camel goodness and other great surprises. This update was promised at Minecraft Live in October. We got to hear from Agnes Larsson and Jens Bergensten, lead designers and spokespersons for Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. Talk about their plans for new content the following year. … Read more