The 3 best Minecraft Valhelsia servers in 2023

Minecraft is a game that has gained fashionability in recent times because of its capability to produce worlds. For this reason, there are numerous waiters devoted to this purpose and playing with each other online. What makes Minecraft different from other games is that it can be modded to add tons of new and unique rudiments. Valhelsia is a large general modpack with a little emphasis on atmosphere, disquisition, and decoration. However, keep reading, If you want help changing the stylish Minecraft Valhelsia servers garçon.

Valhelsia is a great modpack for fun in Minecraft

1. Silver Keep MC

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Silver Keep MC is a Minecraft Valhelsia servers with custom maps, modpacks and stores. This server is hosted by a great group of staff and they are constantly updating and helping out.

The maps used on this server were created by one of the developers and include some interesting locations such as underwater temples, underground dungeons, and other cool spots.

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Explore over 180 new biomes from both Biomes o Plenty and Oh The Biomes You’ll Go in a special and wonderful new worldview. Including the new Nether Biomes, End Biomes, and of course the Overworld Biomes, you’ll see a whole new world within Minecraft.

Silver Keep MC is a server that also hosts the medieval servers Vanilla SMP. If you are interested in other mods but don’t want to switch to another server …… If you are interested in joining Silver Keep Mc, I am sure you will have a great time.

2. The SquidMiners

IP address:

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The SquidMiners server is the perfect choice for players who want to find a small community that still has the best features of Valhelsia. This server is based in the Valhelsia region, so there are plenty of biomes and interesting terrain to explore.

The spawn area is nice and large, so you won’t be stuck trying to build something in it anytime soon. You can also find valuable resources around the starting area.

If you are looking for an active economy where players can trade goods with each other and sell their creations on marketplaces such as Discord, then this server may be the place for you.

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This server offers 200 mods including the latest architecture mods, technology mods, and magic mods. Play with friends, experience these great mods and make a name for yourself on this server.

3. MoxMC

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MoxMC is a small but very friendly server. It is known as one of the best modding servers. Its community is great and the staff team does their best to make sure everyone is having fun. It also has some great plugins:

  • Economy: The chest store allows you to buy and sell items using currency earned from selling chest finds and defeating monsters.
  • Spawning: MoxMC has multiple spawn points to get players started right away when they first join the server. This is great for new players who want to get started right away.

These are just two features of this amazing server, and with Valhelsia’s modpack, gamers can play with friends, explore the land, check out new items, and have lots of fun shenanigans.

MoxMC allows players to create magical artefacts found in dungeons, buried treasure, and doomsday cities. You can use technology and magic to create new weapons and armour. This server offers many unique and fun approaches to Minecraft.

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