What is the best topping for capsaicin cookies in Cookie Run? Kingdom

Capsaicin Cookies have finally joined the cookie run. Despite the controversy among fans
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Capsaicin Cookies have finally joined the cookie run. Despite the controversy among fans, the super-epic cookie is still all the rage among players. After unlocking Capsaicin, there are pressing questions about how to get the most out of the Spice General in battle, especially since there is no star promotion for the new charge cookie.

This is due to the confusion over whether players should build him as a “tank” or a secondary DPS. Aas a front cookie packed with some new and exciting offensive skills. This article will elaborate on this question and explain the value to be gained from different topping builds.

How to Optimize Capsaicin Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

To understand which topping builds can help players the most to get the most value out of Capsaicin. You need to understand the existing sub-stats and skills of the cookie in detail. (When Cookie is maxed out)

  • HP: 278,657
  • Atk: 74,458
  • Def: 106,329
  • CRIT%: 15.89%
  • Total Strength: 364,896

These are the skill values for “Capsaicin Magma” in Cookie Run: Also, the Kingdom is as follows

  • Single DMG: 61.0% of ATK
  • Lava Eruption DMG: 83.0% of ATK
  • Magma Debuff: Fire DMG +20.0% for 20 sec, stacks up to x3
  • Burn DMG: 7.3% DMG every 1 sec for 16 sec, stacks up to x3
  • Spice Overlord DMG: 82.5% of ATK
  • SSpice Overlord Burn DMG: 4.6% DMG every 0.8 sec for 16 sec, stacks up to x1
  • Spice Overlord Lava Eruption DMG: 30.0% of ATK + 20.0% DMG for every stack of Magma debuff
  • Immortality: lasts for 6 sec, activated 1 timeCooldown: 15 Seconds

Capsaicin’s skill basically attacks the enemy in three separate attacks. In the first two dealings magma debuff and burn DMG, then Cookie transforms into a “spice overlord” for the final devastating blow.

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The debuffs can only be stacked up to 3 times, and Cookie Run is intended to be used as a secondary DPS/tank: there is no real use for Capsaicin in the Kingdom with Swift Chocolate’s build.

Searing Raspberry and Solid Almond are the only topping builds that can significantly improve his Cookie Run performance: they can significantly improve Kingdom’s performance.

The Searing Raspberry build helps to maximize the various DMG values mentioned above, making it a more powerful DPS. It can also increase Capsaicin’s DMG by shortening its cooldown by 8-9%.

On the other hand, topping with almonds can significantly increase the average cookie’s survivability compared to other tanks. Cookie Run’s Primary Use is Tank/Secondary: Given that its primary use in the Kingdom is as a tank/secondary DPS, using a solid almond build seems to be a more realistic choice.

While the boost that Searing Raspberry brings is significant, it is still not enough to make Cookie the centrepiece of the DPS; a full build of Solid Almonds would protect allies for a longer time and greatly increase its value to the team.

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Cookie Run Kingdom players will have to make their own decisions based on their play style and team, but for overall value, Solid Almonds is the best investment.


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