Genshin Impact 3.4 Leak Reveals Three Banner Re-runs


New “Primal Age Impact” leaks reveal the characters that will be banner reruns in version 3.4, scheduled for mid-January.

A new “Genesis Impact” leak has confirmed the three characters are receiving banner reruns in the upcoming update 3.4. The reruns will allow players who missed the first delivery to pull their favorite characters, some of which have already appeared on the banner more than three times, such as Childe and Tadatoshi.

The official Genshin Impact social networking account has already revealed two new rosters, Alhaitham and Yao Yao, which will be added in the next update. Alhaitham is confirmed to be a 5-star character, while Yao Yao will be a lower rarity 4-star character.

5-star characters

Popular leaker Yukizero has revealed the 5-star characters appearing in the “Genshin Impact” update 3.4 banners. According to the leak, the first banner will feature two new characters, Al Haitham and Yao Yao, and to obtain them; players will only need to spend Primo Gems on one limited character banner. This cycle will also include Xiao, a user of Anemo. With the inclusion of a new character in addition to Xiao, who is now even stronger thanks to the Anemo support Farzan introduced in this update, fans can expect this banner to do very well in terms of revenue.

The second banner will finally see the return of the pyro character Fu Tao. Hu Tao is a popular character in Gensho Ibunroku but has not reappeared 10 times in a row. In version 1.3, Hu Tao was the only character in the game’s history to have his banner updated three times. Since then, Hu Tao has only appeared once during update 2.2 in November 2022. She is considered one of the best DPS characters in the game, and her unique play style may take some getting used to.

Hu Tao appears with hydro user Yelan in her first reappearance since her release in update 2.7. Her first appearance broke several revenue records for Genshin Impact, perhaps due to the three-week delay in allowing players to collect more primo gems. Despite her ability to deal large amounts of damage, Yelan’s optimal role is probably sub-DPS or support in most team configurations.


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