Wordle Answer of the Day Solution and Hints | #714 Jun 03, 2023

I need a hint on today’s Wordle answer, is anyone check to see if the NYT’s Wordle editor is ok? Because this week’s answers were very nasty! Today’s question is also, unfortunately, a tricky one.

Each day, Wordle presents players with a simple problem: “Can you guess the correct five-letter word within six tries? “All you need to find the answer to Wordle is the context clues for each word, but that’s often not enough; Wordle is difficult, and it usually takes a little help to maintain a year-long winning streak.

This guide offers Wordle tips to help you understand today’s Saturday, June 3 solution. Scroll down a little further, and we will also publish today’s Wordle answer for 3/6 and, if necessary, the word’s definition.

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Here’s today’s score: it could have been worse, but it could have been better: 0 points for solving it with four guesses, -1 point for losing to Wordle Bot, and -1 total!

Need a clue?

  • It has one vowel.
  • It has one triple letter.
  • It has a noun and a verb.
  • Synonyms include “childminder” and “coddle”.

Tips for Tomorrow’s Wordle

Wordle may seem like luck, but several good practices can help you get as many clues as possible in a few guesses and increase your chances of understanding the last word before you run out of attempts. The most important is the first guess, and the trick is to include lots of vowels (A, E, I, O, and U).

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Wordle color codes!

As you begin to guess, you will notice that some letters appear green, yellow, and gray. Green symbolizes that you put the right note in the right place.

Yellow means that the letters in that box are in today’s Wordbook but have not been typed in the correct place. Conversely, Gray means that the letter you entered is not in today’s Wordbook.

What is today’s Wordle answer for June 3?

It’s time to reveal the answer to today’s Wordle for March 6. The word is…


A three-letter wordle? That is just too cruel! If I’ve learned anything in the last 713 days, you should never bet on three letters while there are still alternatives. But this Wordle got me!

Congratulations to anyone who could guess the answer to today’s Wordle correctly!

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