Get Amnesia: The Bunker, Car Mechanic Simulator, And More With Xbox Game Pass

What You Need To Know

Xbox Game Pass (and its PC and cloud editions) gives you access to hundreds of games with a monthly subscription.
On Tuesday, Microsoft revealed the next wave of new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks.

Day One new releases like Amnesia: The Bunker and Dordogne are joined by fan favorites like Hypnospace Outlaws.
Other games include Stacking from Double Fine, The Big Con, and Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.

June is fast approaching, and it will be a tough month for Xbox gamers. Why? More on that later, but let’s focus on what Xbox announced today. The next wave of titles is heading to Xbox Game Pass.

Announced via Xbox Wire, in addition to the two titles joining Xbox Game Pass today. Eight new games have been registered for the first half of June. We’ve got some exciting stuff coming out this time, and a nice mix of day one addition, resurrected favorites, and the usual miscellaneous games.

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The best Xbox Game Pass games join

The best Xbox Game Pass games join the ranks with some exciting additions in the coming weeks but remember to check out our short list of titles. If you want to play a game or purchase before your departure ends, please use the services above. If you still need to wreak havoc as a shark in Maneater, I highly recommend it.

Amnesia The Bunker, Car Mechanic Simulator Release Date

However, the next two weeks will be exciting for gamers as a lot is happening. After months of waiting, Diablo 4 will finally be released on June 6, 2023. (For some sooner, here’s how to get early access and preload Diablo 4.) . A day later, the Minecraft 1.20 “Trails & Tales” update has finally been released to all players.

At the end of the month, the “Not E3” season officially kicks off with many exciting game announcements. It reveals major Xbox and Bethesda game showcases on June 11, followed by the highly anticipated Science, Followed by a Starfield Direct that dives deep into -Fi Bethesda RPG. But for now, you should be content with playing some great games on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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