How to use Valorant successfully? Tips & Tricks

The esports side of the game has also seen significant growth; the Valorant pro scene encourages young

More than two years have passed since the release of Riot Games’ free-to-play first-person shooter (FPS) Valorant. While the publisher has steadily introduced new agents, maps, and better in-game settings, the esports side of the game has also seen significant growth; Valorant’s pro scene encourages young and up-and-coming players to get a taste of the … Read more

Valorant Map Split Callout to Know in 2023

Split returns to Valorant with an FPS-friendly layout that splits the crowded middle area into two spacious sites, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the map by learning to call out correctly. Valorant’s maps are unique and distinct from typical FPS map design, with Riot adding a gimmicky twist to some maps, while others are … Read more

Patch 6.0 brings back “Valorant map Split” after a long hiatus

With the launch of Pearl, Split will be removed from the Valorant map pool... Valorant map "Split" loading screen...

In Riot’s FPS game, the Valorant map split took place in early 2022. But the January 2023 patch 6.0 brings back the crumbling city with changes to the rank pool. The New Year means a new Valorant map rotation. The return of the much-anticipated Split map. Which will be reintroduced to the FPS game’s location … Read more

Valorant rankings are plagued by players using “tactical usernames”

Valorant rankings are plagued by players

Some Valorant rankings players are creating “tactical usernames” to hide information from their enemies, a new tactic that is becoming an annoyance in games with high MMR Valorant-ranked players are willing to put in the effort to win competitive games. May even change their cool usernames into random formations. This new loophole can see players … Read more