How to use Valorant successfully? Tips & Tricks

More than two years have passed since the release of Riot Games’ free-to-play first-person shooter (FPS) Valorant. While the publisher has steadily introduced new agents, maps, and better in-game settings, the esports side of the game has also seen significant growth; Valorant’s pro scene encourages young and up-and-coming players to get a taste of the competitive side. However, to reach the pinnacle of esport requires precise aim and impeccable game knowledge. Even if you don’t aspire to be a pro, you can still escape from the gold with Valorant.

Below are a few tips and tricks for getting better at Valorant.

Practice without ego

You may occasionally score headshots against your opponents and brag about them on social media or with your close friends. The goal, however, is to hit these shots consistently. To do this, you must let go of the “I’m the best” mindset and give your best effort every match. Time yourself at the range or in the AimLab and try out different guns.


Communicate with your teammates

As in any online multiplayer game, communication with your teammates is important in Valorant. You may be the top fragger on your team, but you still depend on your teammates to win rounds, even if you die. Always keep your teammates informed about your enemies. Don’t be tongue-in-cheek or rude, but let them know where your enemies are and use in-game pinging effectively. If you turn off Voice Communications, you will soon need to talk to your team to reach higher ranks.

Choosing the right crosshairs

There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from your favorite Valorant player’s crosshairs or using them as is. Be aware, however, that the crosshairs that help Tyson “TenZ” Ngo pop up in the game may not always be appropriate for you. Therefore, try many crosshairs in practice mode and choose the one that best suits your play style. It is also important to make the spread indicator smaller and change the colour of the crosshairs.

Placement of the crosshairs

If you watch professional games, you will notice that all players have their crosshairs at head level, even when they are not duelling. This is an important factor, and the position of the crosshairs will certainly help you improve your valorant. You can shoot the enemy with minimal compensation if you always aim at head height. Moving the crosshairs to the left or right will increase your chances of hitting the enemy’s head.


Choose a few agents to master and exercise patience

There is a wide variety of agents in Valorant. Therefore, if you have two or three agents who excel in one art and can master them, you can avoid being a one-trick pony. Having more than one option will give your team a competitive edge and allow you to adapt to the team structure and the maps you have available.

Also, remember that not being very nice all the time does not work. Sometimes you must slow down and wait for the enemy to come to you. Remember that your team needs you; if all five of you are alive, you have a better chance of winning the round and, thus, the game.

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