Elden ring player one shoots a level 1 mog

Skilled Elden Ring players take down one of the game’s most powerful bosses, Mohg – Lord of Blood, in a single shot. “Elden Ring” is considered one of the most challenging games, with fearsome enemies such as bears, giant lobsters, beastmen, knights and wolves. The game has also been described as one of the most difficult games. In addition, more than 100 bosses reinforce this claim, including Marenia, Aster, Lennara, Ladern, and Morgoth. However, many gamers seem to like this aspect of the game, as defeating each boss provides a great sense of accomplishment.

Elden Ring

Furthermore, does not have a difficult setting, so everyone is on the same playing field, and the overall experience is consistent. one boss is well-known in the Elden Ring community as a formidable challenger and one of the most difficult to defeat. mohg – Lord of Blood, is the most difficult boss to defeat. Slaughtering his enemies with deadly blood magic. Many high-level players have struggled with this boss, but one talented Elden Ring fan once defeated it in a single blow, albeit at level 1.


This amazing Elden Ring feat deserves credit to Reddit user Flint_Vorselon. They have uploaded a video to the game’s subreddit, initially showing them outside the arena, preparing for the coming battle.Flint_Vorselon’s screen shows a level 1 player with 20 of each attribute. Despite their very low level, they put their trust in a unique buff combination that makes their character very powerful.

Increases all attributes by 5 for 60 seconds

This buff increases all attributes by 5 for 60 seconds. They also used the rare talisman “Red Feather Branch Sword,” which increases attack power when low in health, and “Corruption’s Kinsman Excursion,” which further increases attack power around corruption or poison.

Finally, Flint_Vorselon enters the arena against Morg in Eldenring, and the battle begins. Morg attempts to go on the offensive by performing a Blood Boon spell that reaches into the air and throws Blood Flame at the player. However, Mogue avoids this and unleashes a destructive spell called “Meteorite.”


This magical attack causes a cavity in the target and rains down a deadly meteorite. Each meteorite strike is fatal to Mohg as his strength is severely depleted with each blow. The buffs and magic chosen by Flint_Vorselon brought Mohg down in just a few seconds.

Flint_Vorselon’s victory over Mohg is another example of the importance of Elden Ring buffs when used correctly. Also, Elden Ring players need to have a good understanding of buff stacking to get the best results, and the fact that this feat was accomplished at only level 1 should give hope to other players when stuck in a tough battle.

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