Patch 6.0 brings back “Valorant map Split” after a long hiatus

With the launch of Pearl, Split will be removed from the Valorant map pool... Valorant map
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In Riot’s FPS game, the Valorant map split took place in early 2022. But the January 2023 patch 6.0 brings back the crumbling city with changes to the rank pool.

The New Year means a new Valorant map rotation. The return of the much-anticipated Split map. Which will be reintroduced to the FPS game’s location pool after a few months of inactivity.

The split was removed from Valorant’s Ranked and Unrated modes on June 16, 2022, and has not appeared. Due to “player sentiment, time since release, past and future update plans. Strategic changes brought about by the map and Pearl’s positioning (to name a few). The split was relegated to the shade and has been there ever since – until now.

With patch 6.0, Split will return “with a few updates” in response to fan feedback. Level designer Joe ‘Pearl Hogbash’ Lansford writes. Many people wanted it back, and it makes sense with the other pool moves. With all the new agents and meta changes since Split was removed from the rotation. I can’t wait to see how everyone plays this map.”

Bind and Breeze

Once one map is entered, the others are removed, making Bind and Breeze unavailable for solo queue and rank. As for Breeze, I feel it is a map with room for improvement regarding the diversity of agents and team comps.
For Breeze, we feel there is room for improvement regarding the diversity of agents and team compositions. As well as opportunities to simplify the space,” commented Lansford.

And for Bind, the main reason is strategic diversity. We want to be able to play more with teleporters and rethink how teams attack and defend against attacks at both sites.


He emphasizes that “like Split, these maps won’t be gone forever,” but there is no re-release date.

As someone who has succeeded with Bind, I’m a little disappointed with this announcement. But it allows me to try a map I’m unsure about. Plus, I loved Split (especially as Astra) and can’t wait to see what changes Riot has made.

If you want to prepare for Split’s return, load up one of the best Valorant crosshairs to help you pop your head off and take names. If you want to add more glamour to your cosmetics, we’ll also let you know the dates of the next Valorant Night Market so you can score a bargain on your favorite skins.


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