How to kill a Darktide Daemonhost: Warhammer 40k

Sometimes when you slaughter the inhabitants of Tertium. You hear a voice in your head, the Darktide Daemonhost, and they are not to be confused.

Suppose you’re asking how to defeat the Darktide Daemon host. You’ve probably encountered this evil entity and suffered because of it. Daemonhost can destroy half of your troops in no time if you’re not careful. So be prepared for your mission to go wrong.

What is the Dark Tide Daemonhost? They are boss-class enemies randomly appearing when you try to complete objectives in cooperative play. They are surrounded by green gas, and you will hear their voices in your head, ripping into your psyche before you even see the monster. Irritating this monster will cost you your life.

How to kill Daemonhost

Before killing Daemonhost, it should be mentioned that avoiding combat effectively solves a very dangerous problem. You will often see or hear Daemonhost before it attacks your troops.

If you accidentally or intentionally alert Daemonhost, you should know what they will do. Daemonhost will target one of your troopers. Burst them, suck their life force, and die as a result. They will teleport away if you defeat two of them; if you defeat one, they will be killed. If you defeat two of them, they will be killed; if you defeat one of them, they will be killed.


The only way to safely defeat Daemonhost is to use the best Darktide Ogryn. Build and equip them with Slab Shield. The defensive posture provided by the Slab Shield will allow the Ogryn to withstand Daemonhost’s attacks well enough to allow the rest of the team to concentrate fire and defeat Daemon’s host.

The Daemon host in one of the best PC games

Now you know how to defeat the Daemon host in one of the best PC games of the year, Dark Tide. It looks easy, but if you’re not prepared, 50% of your team could die, and your mission could fail. So we recommend checking out the best Darktide Zealot builds. The best Darktide weapons to do enough damage to take down the Daemon host.

Daemonhost is the most deadly boss in the game, working like Witch in Left 4 Dead or Hag in Back 4 Blood, so it is an enemy to avoid if possible.

The only glory that comes from defeating Daemonhost is a sense of accomplishment and saying you’ve done it. Otherwise, he is more of a nuisance than fun for most rejects.


Initially, there were rumors that Daemonhost could only be defeated by teams with Ogryn equipped with Slab Shield, and this rumor persisted as the easiest way to deal with this boss directly is to have Ogryn with Defensive Stance.

However, most teams do not have Ogryn with Shield, and it would be a bit unreasonable to require something so special for a boss that is at least threat level 4 (Heresy) or lower.

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