How to create your personalized Valorant badge

We teach you how to make your own Valorant Badge, so you can make it truly personalized and unique to you...
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Want to know how to make a custom Valorant badge to show off to friends and foes? Here’s how to get a nice badge in Riot’s FPS games.

Valorant players take ranked matches seriously, and when they play very well, they want stats to show it. Riot recently updated the UI of its FPS games to make in-game stats more prominent.

And now the developers want winners to wear their K/D proudly. The new Valorant Badge is perfect for players who want to score nicely.

My Valorant Badge is a new trend started by Riot, where players can find detailed ratings for each agent. Stylized emblems include rank, damage, agent win rate, headshot accuracy, and K/D. If yours looks good, you can download the badge and post it to your social profiles for all the world to admire.


You must have played Valorant within the past month to get your custom badge. Additionally, you can only get statistics for agents you have actively moved in competitive games.

For example, Breach’s badge will be restricted if he has not been on an active assignment with you in the past 30 days. Finally, the game will only tally the number of agents who have played enough with a connected Valorant ID.

It should be noted that the sweaty rank demons can open up as many agent badges as they want as long as each character has enough playtime. The lack of restrictions makes this a great move among avid Valorant players!

If you think a particular agent’s status is worth showing off,

Follow these steps to get your Valorant badge

  • Go to the My Valorant Badge page.
  • Click on the red “Get Badge” icon.
  • Log in with your active Valorant ID
  • Click “Continue
  • Select the agent you use most often.
  • Next, choose your preferred coloring.
  • Click “Save and Continue

Here you go. You can share your Valorant badge with your friends. You can also follow the trend and analyze and observe the status of each character. This is a great way to determine which agents contributed the most to your victory.

Status is not the only thing you can track in Valorant; you can also see how much money you have spent on Valorant to avoid unnecessary skin purchases. If you have spent a lot, it is worth waiting for Valorant Night Market 2022 to get a skin for less.


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