Introducing the Valorant Abyssal skin collection Release date, features, and package price

Introducing the Valorant Abyssal skin collection Release date, features, and package price

Valorant will soon offer a new weapon bundle through the upcoming 5.10 patch. According to ValorLeaks, a reliable source for Valorant, a new skin collection named “Abyssal” will launch in the game.
The new bundle includes four weapon skins and one melee skin, launching alongside the highly anticipated GiveBack collection.

Riot Games launches a new skin collection every few weeks, Valorant Abyssal skin allowing interested gamers to increase their Valorant inventory. However, not all skin collections have the same properties.

Some are casual and rigid in design, while others offer exciting variations and upgrades. Valorant’s skin collections can also be quite expensive, depending on the bundle type.

All about Abyssal, Valorant’s new skin collection

The newly unveiled Abyssal collection showcases a beautiful and vibrant mix of blue and pink tones. As its name suggests, this new bundle represents the ocean’s depths; for more information on this bundle.

Launch Date

The Abyssal collection will be available on November 16, the day after patch 5.10 is rolled out. The GiveBack bundle, first announced in patch 5.08, will also be available on November 16. Thus, players will have access to the two weapon collections from the in-game store for a limited time.

The launch of the Valorant skin collection has always preceded the patch. In keeping with this trend, patch 5.10, which brought many impactful changes with its release on November 15, will pave the way for two such skin collections.


According to ValorLeaks, the Abyssal collection will include four weapon skins: Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, and Guardian. They will also include Axe melee skins.

The informant clarified that these skins would not include variants or upgrades, meaning that players will not need Radianite points to evolve the skins above.

In Valorant, there are five different bundles. Select, Deluxe, Standard Premium, Exclusive, and Ultra. The “Abyssal” collection belongs to the Deluxe type and is relatively reasonably priced.


As with the other Deluxe+Melee bundles, the Abyssal collection will be priced at 5,100 VP for the entire bundle. You can also purchase individual skins from the upcoming collection. Each weapon skin included in the bundle will be priced at 1,275 VP, with the melee axe priced at 2,550 VP.

As mentioned above, the Abyssal collection, which will be released simultaneously with the Give Back bundle, features four iconic skins from the past. Gaia’s Revenge Ghost, Magepunk Spectre, Neptune Vandal, and Forsaken Operator will be included in the bundle. Unlike the Abyssal collection, Give Back // 2022 will also include a special play card and gun buddy, priced at expected to be around 7100 VP or possibly less.

Valorant is a popular FPS game officially released on June 2, 2020. Created by Riot Games, a well-known game development company, Valorant is a first-person 5vs5 tactical hero shooter that is also completely free to play.

Additionally, the game allows players to customize their character and weapon skins through in-app purchases. Valorant is popular with gamers worldwide due to its realistic graphics, variety of game types, and engaging gameplay.

Introducing the Valorant Abyssal skin collection Release date
(Image Credit: Riot Games)

In addition to the variety of skills that agents possess, “Valorant’s” signature skins set it apart from its competitors, and the excellence of Riot Games’ skin concept is implemented flawlessly, with Valorant being no exception.

The inclusion of new skins and content has brought the game to life, and now gamers will soon get their hands on a bundle of new skins already available to fans.

The Valorant Abyssal Skin Bundle is the new bundle mentioned here. Let’s dive into the specifics of the Valorant Abyssal Skin Bundle, including the release date, price, and first look.


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