ShahZaM said he chose G2 over several other Valorant teams

Valorant star Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM‘ Khan has revealed that he chose to sign with G2 Esports over many other teams. The former Sentinels player officially joined G2 Esports’ new NA-based team Valorant as its in-game leader on December 12. He reunited with former Sentinels teammate Michael ‘dapr’ Gulino. Assembled a new roster that includes the former … Read more

Patch 6.0 brings back “Valorant map Split” after a long hiatus

With the launch of Pearl, Split will be removed from the Valorant map pool... Valorant map "Split" loading screen...

In Riot’s FPS game, the Valorant map split took place in early 2022. But the January 2023 patch 6.0 brings back the crumbling city with changes to the rank pool. The New Year means a new Valorant map rotation. The return of the much-anticipated Split map. Which will be reintroduced to the FPS game’s location … Read more