Starfield” Release Date Postponement “Right Choice,” Says Xbox Boss

With no Starfield release date announcement, Xbox boss Phil Spencer talks about how Bethesda’s delay for the RPG game was the right thing to do.

No release date has been announced for Starfield, except that it will launch after Redfall. Many wonders when Bethesda’s RPG game is finally released. Still, Xbox boss Phil Spencer weighs in on how the postponement of the space game works in favor of its eventual release. Here’s what he has to say about why.

Spencer is the CEO of Microsoft’s gaming division. In a recent interview with The Verge, he talks about his experience with releasing games incorrectly and how that affected his decision to delay Starfield’s release date.

Starfield" Release Date Postponement "Right Choice," Says Xbox Bos
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‘We’ve had the experience of shipping games too early. We’ve had the experience of shipping games too early. In hindsight, a game like “Starfield” required a very long time and a significant investment by the team in the new IP. The decision to give the team the time to make the game they think they should make is the right one. There are also financial implications to that decision.

Xbox Boss

The Xbox boss stressed that postponing the “Starfield. The release date was a business decision and a time for Bethesda to finish the work.

He said, “It’s a business decision to consider what might happen. Whether it’s platform growth, subscriber growth, or the revenue that comes with the launch of a new game, the consequences of that decision must always be considered.

Naturally, Bethesda’s next big open-world game has much more at stake than the game itself. The game is part of the Xbox ecosystem and part of what drives subscriptions.

It’s no secret that Xbox’s first-party offerings have been lacking this year, with Starfield already exceeding its original release date. Redfall is being delayed, and many projects are in the works and have not been updated since. To be clear, Xbox has had a few exclusives this year but relatively few offerings.

Starfield” Release Date

According to Spencer, this postponement of the release date for Starfield was ultimately the right decision and should pay off in the long run. The full interview with Spencer can be read on The Verge website.

In the end, we believe that the quality of the game will improve. Our customers will have a more interesting experience, so in hindsight, we feel we made the right decision.”

Suppose you want to know more about this space game. There’s quite a lot revealed in Starfield; an interview with a former Bethesda developer and a Starfield traits guide summarize what we know. Elder Scrolls enthusiasts also seem to be getting into Starfield.

Halo Infinite

This statement may refer to games such as “Halo Infinite.” It may have shipped a little too early, but he does not intend to repeat such a mistake with “Starfield.

In hindsight, a game like ‘Starfield’ took a long time, and the team invested significantly in new IP.” I think giving the team the time to make the game they feel they should make is the right one.

“There are financial implications to those decisions. It is a business decision to weigh what will happen, whether it is platform growth, subscriber growth, or the revenue generated when a new game is launched. The consequences of these decisions must certainly be considered.


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