G2 ESPORTS Announces North American “VALORANT” Team

The globalized esports team is one of the world’s largest and most successful teams, with 45 million annual systems and the fastest performance.

G2 Esports, one of the largest esports teams in the world, is expanding its operations to North America. This expansion will see the G2 men’s VALORANT team compete in the VALORANT Challengers North America league. G2 teams are strong, powerful, and able to establish themselves in the North American region.

British coach Imi, a CS, will lead the team: GO player and coach before moving to VALORANT in 2020; ShahzaM. Who started his career in 2012, and Dapper, who has been a CS: GO professional player since 2016 but will join VALORANT in 2020. Immi will lead the experienced American duo of Dapr, who has started focusing on CS: GO since 2016. Other interesting players include Penny, Wippie, and Oxy.

G2 first competed in VALORANT

G2 first competed in VALORANT in June 2020 and has won countless competitions worldwide, making it one of the most successful organizations in Europe. With this move, G2 will take its brand uniqueness to another region, aiming for world domination both competitively and commercially.


Reaffirming its position in North America, G2 Esports recently entered into a major commercial partnership with American sportswear giant Oakley, testing for G2 and providing valuable feedback in its review of Oakley’s NXTLVL gaming glasses and to provide gamers around the world with the best options available. Ultimately, the company plans to release a dedicated eyewear line designed specifically for gamers.

Oakley joins G2’s trusted list of global partners, which includes Logitech, Ralph Lauren, MasterCard, Herman Miller, Pringles, and Red Bull.

Top performance in all areas of the esports

Since its inception in 2015, G2 has achieved top performance in all areas of the esports industry and beyond. In the last 6 years, G2 has built a global community of over 45m supporters and become one of the world’s most talked about sports brands.

From the first Ignition Series Tournament in EMEA to the recent World Champion in the Game Changers competition, G2 has always been in love with VALORANT. We have moved to North America to qualify for the International League through the Ascension Tournament. Over the past six years, we have seen how supportive our North American fans are of our success and their memes. The expansion of VALORANT is a continuation of the American G2 story following Rocket League and Fortnite. We can’t wait to write this new chapter.


This year’s Esports Awards will celebrate G2’s arrival in the region. The company is a finalist in various categories, including Esports Organization of the Year and Esports Creative Team of the Year.

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