GTA 6 Needs To Be More Like GTA 4 & Not Like GTA 5

When they released Grand Theft Auto 4". Criticized for the depressing tone typical of the series. However, "GTA 4" excelled at incorporating emotion into its story. Nico is by no means a good guy, but he incorporates a lot of rational motivation, and in this respect,

If “Grand Theft Auto 6” is finally going to be released, it needs to take more cues from “Grand Theft Auto 4” than “5”; “GTA 5” and “GTA Online” have carried the series through all generations of consoles, but the style of “GTA 4” is more would be more appropriate for the next installment. It … Read more

GTA San Andreas, a horror game developed by Rockstar Games, reimagines Grove Street as FNAF

The new GTA: San Andreas horror game I'm On Observation Duty transforms Grove Street into FNAF, and Steam indie hit...

GTA: San Andreas’ Horror Game Turns Rockstar Grove Street into FNAF and Steam Hit. ‘I’m On Observation Duty’ Becomes Creepy Distraction Ahead of ‘GTA 6’ Release Date Transforming Rockstar’s iconic Grove Street into FNAF and Steam indie hit. I’m On Observation Duty, GTA: San Andreas’ new horror game, Grand Theft Auto, ahead of GTA 6’s … Read more

GTA 6 Release Date

According to the rockstar the game has been delay for 2 years

You can find everything you need about “GTA 6” release date speculation, news, gameplay rumors, and leaks unearthed so far. Want to know more about the release date for “GTA 6? “Considering how many years it takes to make an open-world game on the same level as “GTA V,” it’s no surprise that Rockstar Games … Read more

Beginner’s guide to unlocking Wang Cars in GTA San Andreas

Beginner's guide to unlocking Wang Cars

The “King’s Car” is an asset in “Cars in GTA San Andreas” and is famous for its complicated unlocking method. Naturally, getting this asset can be tough, so many gamers decide to look it up in a guide. In this article, we will detail how to obtain Wang Cars. Note that this guide also applies … Read more