7 Ways to Prevent Laptop Overheating

We have good news if you are looking for the best way to stop your laptop from overheating.

Have you ever heard of a laptop overheating? This occurs when the internal components of a laptop computer heat up. Worse yet, this heating can also cause the computer to malfunction. Stopping a laptop from overheating is not trivial, especially if you use it for long periods. If you want to learn how to stop … Read more

Here is a list of the most important tech terms to know in 2023

Even if you don’t want to get involved with a new tech trend, you will eventually have to learn it. That’s why I’m here: in 2023, as in previous years, there will be many technical terms that you haven’t heard of yet. Or existing terms will take on entirely new meanings. Either way, you need … Read more

Google Plan Map Rises to 2025

Google Plan Map: Google Pixel phased plan is expected to be announced soon. According to the leaker

The leaked information shows us what to expect from the Google Plan Map, Google Pixel in 2023, 2024, and 2025. The first foldable Pixel is a very interesting one. The leak originated from an anonymous but reliable source, who brought this news to Android Authority. While the certainty of a leak is not always the … Read more

Google Pixel 7 Pro Review: Gaming, Camera, Chipset and more

The Pixel 7 Pro proves that Google is truly serious about its smartphones. With a beautiful and sleek design, this new flagship goes to great lengths to be the best Android phone, and believe me; it comes as close as possible to that title. Thanks to its great camera, new Tensor G2 chip, bright display, … Read more


This card can’t be broken for use with the new Nvidia RTX 30 graphics cards. Towards the end of the year, Rue du Commerce is offering the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 and 3070, whether in Ti version or not, at affordable prices. Just in time for Christmas. The computer technology market has experienced a historic … Read more


Gigabyte is challenging the Radeon RX 7900 XTX Aorus Elite and Radeon RX 7900 XTX Gaming OC graphics cards. The portal site video cards have published photos of the new products. Perhaps this explains the lack of information on whether Gigabyte plans to release a Radeon RX 7900 series accelerator in the Aorus Master version. … Read more

Investors find much to like about high tech, Even though the bottom of the market is not in sight

Even if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and sends technology stocks tumbling. It will only make it harder to stay out of this sector. On the other hand, there is a lot of good news. The Nasdaq 100 Index is 35% cheaper than its 2020 peak, and giants like Apple still have money in … Read more

Lowest Priced Nintendo Switch Bundles – All the Latest Sales for December 2022

Following the large Black Friday event, low-cost Nintendo Switch deals area units are still out there, with Nintendo’s massively in-style “Mario Kart 8” bundle already putting up huge numbers in terms of sales. Meanwhile, in the UK, retailers usually charge an urged retail worth for the extra extras that escort the console, with several exceptions. … Read more

The last 747 jumbo jet takes off from Boeing’s Everett plant

The last 747 is scheduled to depart from a huge hangar at the Boeing Company plant in Everett, Washington, bound for Atlas Air...

Fifty-four years once the primary 747 was engineered, the 1,574th. The final craft left Boeing’s widebody industrial plant in Everett, Washington, for flight testing. The Boeing Company has proclaimed that the ultimate 747 “jumbo jet” has left. The widebody industrial plant in Everett, Washington, ended fifty-four years of production. Boeing began production of the 747 … Read more

Google is Shut down Duplex on Web Service

Google plans to end Duplex on the Web, a service that allows users to book movies, check in for flights, and track discounts...

At the end of this month, Google plans to end Duplex on the Web. A service that allows users to book movies, check-in for flights, and track discounts. Google to Terminate has not yet given a specific reason. Still, it is speculated that the cost of training Duplex on the Web is the reason. It … Read more