Google Pixel 7 Pro Review: Gaming, Camera, Chipset and more

The Pixel 7 Pro proves that Google is truly serious about its smartphones. With a beautiful and sleek design, this new flagship goes to great lengths to be the best Android phone, and believe me; it comes as close as possible to that title. Thanks to its great camera, new Tensor G2 chip, bright display, … Read more

Google is Shut down Duplex on Web Service

Google plans to end Duplex on the Web, a service that allows users to book movies, check in for flights, and track discounts...

At the end of this month, Google plans to end Duplex on the Web. A service that allows users to book movies, check-in for flights, and track discounts. Google to Terminate has not yet given a specific reason. Still, it is speculated that the cost of training Duplex on the Web is the reason. It … Read more

OnePlus’ new Android update policy shames Google, matches Samsung

OnePlus will deliver four major Oxygen OS updates and five years of security updates. Select new phones to be released in 2023. This was confirmed at a OnePlus community event in London, where the company recognized an increasing number of people. Are using their phones for longer periods as a contributing factor to this decision? … Read more