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Two New Platforms Titles Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023

PID Games has announced that it will release not one but two new action platform games for the Nintendo Switch in 2023. So let’s cut to the chase and see what’s in store for the Switch in 2023! And if you want more control over your device, try our guide to jailbreak your Switch! Gravity Circuit First up is Gravity Circuit. This 2D action platformer by Domesticated Ant Games pays homage to the first masterpiece of the genre. Players will control Kai, the last defender of the world. The game…

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Nintendo Switch Sports" to Game Awards-nominated classics like "Xenoblade Chronicles 3." 2022. Switch exclusive Esports & Gaming Gaming Console Nintendo 

Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games in 2023

Even without The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, 2022 was arguably the best year for the Nintendo Switch since its launch. In the fifth year of the console’s launch, Nintendo introduced a string of high-profile first-party titles. The list ranged from highly anticipated titles like “Bayonetta 3” to enticing surprises like “Nintendo Switch Sports” to Game Awards-nominated classics like “Xenoblade Chronicles 3.” 2022. Switch exclusive titles alone would have made a solid Top 10 list. How do you follow up such a strong year? That’s a question Nintendo…

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Lowest Priced Nintendo Switch Bundles – All the Latest Sales for December 2022

Following the large Black Friday event, low-cost Nintendo Switch deals area units are still out there, with Nintendo’s massively in-style “Mario Kart 8” bundle already putting up huge numbers in terms of sales. Meanwhile, in the UK, retailers usually charge an urged retail worth for the extra extras that escort the console, with several exceptions. However, there isn’t any got to panic. We tend to scour the net for the simplest Switch deals and can change this piece frequently; therefore, make sure to see back. We have worthwhile comparison technology…

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