Beginner’s guide to unlocking Wang Cars in GTA San Andreas

The “King’s Car” is an asset in “Cars in GTA San Andreas” and is famous for its complicated unlocking method. Naturally, getting this asset can be tough, so many gamers decide to look it up in a guide. In this article, we will detail how to obtain Wang Cars.

Beginner's guide to unlocking Wang Cars in GTA San Andreas
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  • How to Unlock
  • Cost
  • Amount of money you can obtain

Note that this guide also applies to the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. This remasters faithfully to the original, and this unlocks method is unchanged.

San Andreas is surprisingly popular among gamers, even though it is over 20 years old.

Frankly, this is not surprising. This amazing title is the best-selling game in PS2 history and has plenty of replay value.

No matter what system you use to rule the streets of San Andreas, to be a successful criminal, you should learn how to make money fast. That’s your goal, right?

Well, buying up real estate is one of the best ways.

Here are some of the most profitable properties and assets you can get ASAP to fill your bank account (or mattress).

How to unlock the King’s car in “GTA San Andreas

Two main requirements must be met to purchase “Wang Cars” in GTA San Andreas.

Since “Yai Ka Boom Boom” is one of the mandatory missions in the San Fierro storyline, most gamers should be able to complete its requirements easily. However, some players may stumble upon the requirement to have completed all of the “Driving School” lessons.

The driving school is located south of the Doherty Garage in San Fierro. This driving school is closer to the Doherty Safehouse and is an optional home that can be purchased for $20,000 in case you want to save near this location.

The driving school is not essential to the main storyline, so that some gamers may miss out. Unlock “Wang Cars” by earning a Bronze or better on all tests.

The purchase of a king car in GTA San Andreas

Once you have met both requirements, it is time to purchase the property. The cost is $50,000, and you will have access to the following missions from Cesar.

  • Zeroing In
  • Test Drive
  • Customs Fast Track
  • Puncture Wounds

Completing all four missions will unlock the following rewards:

  • Uranus
  • Elegy
  • Sultan
  • Savanna
  • Exports and Imports
  • StratumA revenue stream of $8,000 per day

Note that the maximum income source is $8,000, so we recommend that you frequently collect to maximize the money you get. Since Wanker’s mission has already paid out $25,000, it will only take almost 4 days after that to collect the first $50,000 it cost to acquire this property.

Exports and Imports

The main benefit of owning this property in GTA San Andreas is the ability to unlock export and import. This feature essentially allows you to sell the vehicles shown on the blackboard or purchase previously exported vehicles.

This activity is quite profitable, with careful drivers earning between $10,000 and $105,000 depending on the type of vehicle listed on the blackboard, with most vehicles hovering in the $30,000 to $40,000 range.

So if “GTA San Andreas” players plan to buy all the properties and clothes that appear in the game, among other things, they can get a good amount of money for their money.

Completing the third “Wang Cars” mission, “Customs Fast Track,” will give you access to the “Exports and Imports” activity.


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