5 teams best suited for Genshin Impact 3.2 Spiral Abyss

Genshin Impact 3.2 updated the monster lineup for the 11th and 12th floors of the Spiral Abyss on November 16, 2022.

Some new enemies are quite tricky, especially for players with limited characters. The updated Spiral Abyss features. Such troublesome enemies as Spectre, Dendro Hypostasis, Shadley Husk, Thunder Manifestation, and Aeon Bright Drake.

Floor 12 is the most challenging, so this “Genshin Revelations 3.2” section will focus primarily on that part of the floor.

Latest Genshin Impact 3.2 Spiral Abyss

#5 Nilou Bloom

Nilou is another character who has appeared fairly recently. Her team construction is usually limited to hydro and dendro units, but she can still be used to clear the Genshin Impact 3.2 Spiral Abyss.

Nilou is a must for this team as she has a passive due to her Bloom mechanic, while Kokomi is an excellent healer, which is great as most of the enemies here take a pretty strong hit.

The last two can be any other Hydro or Dendro option, but it is worth mentioning that at least one Dendro character is needed; both Dendro Traveler and Collei are free options that work well here.

#4 Nahida Hyperbloom

This team is ideal if you want to get through the pesky Shadowy Husk level quickly and safely while still being able to take down the Aeonblight Drake with ease. It relies on Nahida, a hydro healer (preferably Kokomi), an electro character, and an excellent fourth support option like Kazuha.

Nahida was recently introduced in Genshin Impact 3.2, so there is a good chance she has already been pulled. She is unquestionably the strongest character in Dendro, so it would not be surprising if she played an active role in clearing the “Spiral Abyss.”

Thanks to Cocomi’s huge heel, the team is incredibly safe yet quite easy to use.

#3 Hu Tao Vaporize

In the Spiral Abyss in Phantom of the Phantom 3.2, the lightning phantom is known to be a troublesome boss. Therefore, it would be a good idea to use a character like Hu Tao, who is good at defeating single enemies.

The two most important members of this team are Hu Tao and Nakazato. The former is the main DPS, and the latter protects her with a great shield. As with the previous suggestion, this team should be on the second half of floor 12 to avoid Shadowy Husks.

Since this team is a Vaporize team, it is very important to have units like Xingqiu that can apply Hydro easily. The last character should be the second Geo unit, as Geo Elemental Resonance allows them to gain 15% DMG while shielding. Albedo is a popular choice, but Geo Traveler is also effective.

#2 Mono Geo

The concept of this team is very simple; Gorou is a phenomenal Geo support, enabling a Mono Geo team; it will be the main DPS, Zhongli will provide additional support with his huge shield, and Albedo is another solid sub-DPS option.

If Albedo is unavailable, Ningguang can be substituted, but the team’s performance will suffer.

#1 Raiden National

Anyone who has beaten all the floors of the Spiral Abyss knows that Raiden National has always been a successful and popular team, which is no surprise since they have been very user-friendly even after the 11th and 12th floors were added in the latest update of Genshin Impact 3.2.

The nice thing about this team is that Raideen Shogun is the only 5-star character. The other three characters are all 4 stars, which makes them exceptionally easy to obtain. This is especially important for F2P players with a limited number of 5-star characters for team building.

Raiden is a nuisance, but thankfully, Shoryo and his team can pick up the slack for General Raiden.

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