This weapon’s sentience is now canon according to Destiny 2 lore

This weapon's sentience is now canon according to Destiny 2 lore

Recently sentient guns have been considered canonical in Destiny 2 lore and should be added to the list of in-game weapons that utilize AI and other forms of consciousness.

Some Destiny 2 lore experts say the recently awakened weapon should be interpreted as a cannon in the game world. Telesto recently began shooting out starburst patterns before seemingly hijacking the game’s official Twitter account.

Bungie developers have stated that the issue with Telesto has been “resolved. But the weapon itself should be canonically known to be sentient. It may be referenced in the future by the space game’s narrative team.

Destiny 2 has a strong narrative team

Destiny 2 has a strong narrative team, with a loremaster whose job is to manage the massive project of documenting the game’s world and its history. Earlier this year, Savathûn took over Destiny 2’s Twitter account, which was also deemed canonical through a hidden document that complements the expansion, The Witch Queen.

 weapon's sentience is now canon according to Destiny 2 lore
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“I think she has glimpsed a world above ours. Maybe even influenced it in some way,” an excerpt from the document states.

The Grimoire card for Super Good Advice states that the Destiny 2 weapon spontaneously acquires sentience.

It states, “Engineers reject the idea that all smart systems have a spontaneous personality and consciousness. But it seems undeniable that Super Good Advice has a personality, memories, and a certain cockiness.

In the world of Destiny 2, Telesto joins several sentient weapons. The fact that the development team has written its senses into the game directs the idea that Telesto has a will of its own. The game has been a headache for the development team, requiring frequent revisions and updates.

With the recent awakening of Telesto. The game now has additional weapons that may be awakened in the game. Currently, there appear to be at least 10 such weapons.

Pahanin, a hunter mentioned several times in Destiny’s history, was afraid to travel alone after losing his two fireteam companions in the Vault of Glass and developed intelligence. Super Good Advice Whisper of the Worm, a Guardian. It has been suggested that he is Xol in the form of a sniper rifle to eat them. Xol is the god of worms, second only to Darkness in the Hive’s hierarchy.


D.A.R.C.I. seems to have sentience, and even appears to speak directly to the Guardian in the weapon’s lore tab. Xenophanes has a bug planted in it, and its identity is that of Omar Agar, a hunter in Crota’s First Strike Force. After being deprived of light by the hive, he was reanimated as an insect-like creature.

Eris Mohn created Xenophage by planting it in his favorite machine gun. The Thousand Voices is made of ahamkara bones, implying that ahamkara is sentient because they exist in a realm beyond the physical body.

It also seems to understand that the Merciless has a sense of purpose and are programmed to kill. The compass of the MIDA multi-tool may also have sentience, as it appears to speak to the user.

The colony may be a primitive AI and may be part of Clovis Bray in the eyes of Tomorrow. Osteo Strega fires sentient projectiles that track the target enemy. But it is not known if the weapon itself is sentient.

Telesto appears to have suddenly gained sentience. Consistent with the Super Good Advice lore entry. However, just because a weapon is awakened does not make it inherently more powerful. Destiny 2 has a number of solid weapons, both awakened and unawakened.

For example, players can grind solid rolls with some of the recently introduced weapons included in the King’s Fall raid loot table, complete with guns from our King’s Fall weapon list. You can also check out our list of Destiny 2’s best Exotics to see which weapons are best suited for your Guardian.


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