How to get Mandaville Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

How to get Mandaville Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 6.25 of Final Fantasy XIV did not bring the balance update that many had hoped for, but it did introduce several new mechanics, content, and much more. Variant Dungeons, Criterion Dungeons, and Omicron Tribal Quests, among others. Include the long-awaited Mandaville Weapons.

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This is the walker’s version of the Relic Weapon, a special weapon that requires additional effort to obtain. Aside from its high status, there are multiple versions of this weapon depending on the steps of the quest. Each step changes the weapon and gives it a special glow, making it the perfect weapon for glamour.

How to get Mandaville Weapons
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This weapon is updated with each new patch and becomes. The most powerful weapon in the game is at the final stage. However, this phase will only appear near the end of the expansion. So that the Savage Weapon will remain the best weapon available for some time.

This section describes how to obtain these weapons and the requirements. For each step of the process. Each time a weapon is updated, this guide will also be updated with new information and the best way to procure the necessary materials.

How to Start the Manderville Weapons Quest

As the name implies, the new Relic Mandaville Weapons is tied to the Hildibrand quest, a side quest from A Realm Reborn to Endwalker. So if you haven’t already completed it, you will need to do so before tackling the new quest.

The quests are mostly a comedy series that revolves around the misadventures of Hildibrand Mandaville and his assistant Nash Macaracca. If you don’t care about the lore, you can skip the whole thing, as it is mostly just conversation. But it is very much worth your time.

You will also get exclusive rewards, such as a Mandaville dance emote, exclusive glamour, and access to trials. Such as “The Battle at the Big Bridge” and “Kugane Ohashi,” where you get a cameo from Gilgamesh from “Final Fantasy XIV.”

Make it a Manderville

These are all different parts of the same quest. So just go with the flow and appreciate the usual Hildebrand shenanigans. Once you have completed all the quests, You will return to Radz-at-Han to find the quest “Make it a Manderville” at X:11.8, Y:11.2.

This quest is for the first of many Manderville weapons available. To obtain it, equip the corresponding job before taking the quest. The quest requires the acquisition of three Mandelium Meteorites, which can be purchased in Juburna for 500 yen per astronomical Allegan Tombstone.

some tombstones

After giving this meteorite to a servant of the Manderville family, you will finally be able to obtain the Manderville Weapon. Furthermore, the Manderville weapon can be easily obtained with some tombstones as the conditions will be the same.

Since the weapon is currently only this one step, it is quite simple to complete it and wait for the next upgrade in a future patch.

Astronomy stones can be obtained by completing level 90 activities. Mostly level 90 dungeons and expert daily roulettes. Some can also be obtained by completing other roulettes using level 90 jobs.

Another efficient way to obtain them is by diving into hunt trains to acquire A/S-ranked monsters. Search for dedicated servers such as Centurio Hunts on Discord to receive notifications of them.

Wondrous Tails is also an efficient way to get 500 Tomestones instantly if you are lucky enough to get two lines.

Is the Mandaville Weapon worth it?

As mentioned above, all Relic weapons will eventually be the most powerful weapons available in the expanded version. Not currently, as Abyssos’s weapons are still superior. But they are on par with the latest Extreme Trial weapons and are an easy and accessible option for alt jobs.

If you don’t care about high-end content, you may want to go for it as it doesn’t require much grinding (unless you are going for multiple weapons) and is a good option compared to other available weapons.



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