The Anime adaptation of Kizuna Ai V-Tuber; What we know so far

The Anime adaptation of Kizuna Ai V-Tuber; What we know so far

Kizuna Ai first anime as a Kizuna Ai V-Tuber, a V-tuber for almost 6 years, is stepping into the world of animation with her first anime adaptation, “Kizuna no Areare,” a T.V. anime to be released in 2023.

The anime was announced at the “Hello World, 2022” live concert in February of this year, after which it was put on indefinite hiatus. Morikuraen, the character designer of Kizuna’ai, has now released a special visual.

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Kizuna Ai V-Tuber

Who is Kizuna Ai?

Ai Kizuna is one of the most influential V-Tubers on the Internet. However, whether she was quick to take the VTuber way, as we know, is debatable.

  • She started her virtual YouTuber journey in 2016. She is also the most subscribed Vtuber on the platform, with two youtube channels and another channel on Bilibili.
  • She is known for doing video blogs and youtube sketches alongside discussions, Q&A, and video game streams. Her character is an “intelligent A.I.” that is able to empathize with human problems while also being joyful.
  • She was also one of the first Vtubers to venture into the English community when fans began translating her videos for free.
  • Kizuna Eye has also released several songs and virtual reality and augmented reality games.

Kizuna’s Earl on Animation and Upcoming Projects

It was announced on the official Twitter page of Kizuna’ai that an anime is in the works. Based on the announcement, a key visual has just been released, and fans are still unsure if it will be a full-fledged series, a movie or music, or a short OVA.

Kizuna Eye’s goal during her indefinite hiatus is to further develop herself. Her management laid out their policy regarding her indefinite hiatus in a separate statement at the time.

Although currently inactive, the V-tuber said, “I think I’ve recently started hearing the terms Metaverse and NFT, for example. It sounds confusing but new and fun at the same time.”

About Kizuna Eye’s previous animated works

  • She sang the theme song for the 2019 film “Raid Backers.”
  • Similarly, she made cameo appearances in the 2018 sci-fi anime “Ingress” and the 2018 psycho-horror anime “Magical Girl Site.”
  • In addition, she has collaborated with the fashion brand Valentino and the mobile game Azure Lane.

Her Other Achievements

The Anime adaptation of Kizuna Ai V-Tuber
Image Via: spieltimes

Kizuna Eye’s presence has appeared in various T.V. commercials as well as on the Internet.
In March 2018, she was named one of the Tourism Ambassadors for the Japan National Tourism Organization (commonly known as JNTO).
Kizuna ai was also named one of Newsweek Japan’s “100 Most Respected Japanese in the World,” rubbing shoulders with prominent industry figures such as Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece, and Gosho Aoyama, creator of Detective Conan.


  • Kizuna started her Youtube channel in 2016. Her “A.I. Channel” currently has over 3.5 million subscribers and her “A.I. Games” channel has over 1.4 million subscribers.
  • Her main channel contains original and occasional cover music videos. In contrast, her second channel is about games and is perfect meme material.
  • The full staff and cast of the show is unknown, but it is reasonable to assume that Nozomi Kasuga will be the voice of Kizuna, given that her VTuber role was officially confirmed in April 2020.


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