Batman and The Joker will never kill each other

Batman and The Joker will never kill each other

Batman and The Joker are each other’s greatest enemies. But it seems they are not complete without each other. What would dear Batman do without the Joker? These two names go hand in hand. It seems to me that their hostility also has a flavor of crooked friendship somewhere in there.

Because both may hurt each other to the extreme, but have you noticed? They do not kill each other. So, in this article, I would like to look at this adversarial relationship from the perspective of friendship. Let’s see what lies beyond that, shall we?

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The Joker and Batman laugh together

From the animated series, we see the Joker fighting Batman. There are scenes where Batman and The Joker could kick the Joker’s ass if he wanted to. But he doesn’t. Instead, he offers to help the Joker get better. Batman offers to rehabilitate him and get him to a point in life where he does not have to die alone. Sadly, however, the Joker denies his help. Instead, he cracks silly jokes to make him and Batman laugh.

  • And what a treat to see our favorite hero, Batman, laughing with our favorite villain, the Joker.
  • The duo has added a perspective of friendship to their wickedly chasing rivalry. In the midst of it all, Batman says, “We don’t have to kill each other. Now, isn’t that sweet and wise? But is our favorite villain-wise like that?

The Joker and His Cynical Ideas

The Joker in Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” is shown robbing a bank with his criminal friends. Now, all of them were wearing similar Joker masks. The Joker had planned the robbery so well that they did not have to split a penny of the money they stole from the bank.

How did he do it? He planned the robbery in stages, assigning a member to each stage. Once each phase was completed, the Joker demanded that the members kill their partners in that phase.

  • At the end of the heist, the Joker kills his last partner, the bus driver, and drives off alone with all his money. And he took all his money alone.
  • It’s ironic the Joker kills his partner but doesn’t mortally wound Batman.

The Joker asks for money to kill Batman

One of the Joker’s most infamous lines stands, “If you’re good at something, don’t do it for free.” And guess where our favorite villain applies this philosophy of his? It’s when he makes a deal to kill Batman.
Well, here’s another scene from The Dark Knight, where it is seen that the Joker offers a chance to the city’s biggest criminal to kill Batman, who is hindering all the criminal and illegal businesses in the city.

  • A businessman asked the Joker, “If it’s so easy, why don’t you do it already? The Joker calmly replied. If there is something you are good at, never do it for free.” One businessman got angry with the Joker. He asked his men to kill the Joker, but our Joker was wearing a suit with explosives.
  • The Joker leaves his cards on the table in case the businessman does business that kills Batman. But can the Joker kill Batman?

Batman and his justice system

Batman never kills the Joker. Batman may stop crimes or catch criminals, but he never kills them. He may occasionally blow up a supporting villain, but as far as the Joker and most other criminals are concerned, he never kills. Every time the Joker does something extremely cynical, he is captured and sent to “Arkham Asylum” for treatment.

However, the Joker should never have been sent for treatment because he is a psychopath, the official favorite.
Psychopaths are born that way simply by gaining knowledge about human behavior from psychiatrists, and they will never change.

In this infamous rivalry between the Joker and Batman, it is unlikely that both will kill each other anytime soon. This is because the duo is so well-known. In the comic book world, there have been times when the Joker has saved Batman from death. And we have seen time and again that Batman is not the kind of being who kills other individuals.

As much as we love Batman, we cannot deny that the Joker has a place in our hearts, no matter how dark the Joker’s ideology may be. Here’s to the infamous duo of Batman and the Joker.



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