GTA 6 Needs To Be More Like GTA 4 & Not Like GTA 5

When they released Grand Theft Auto 4
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If “Grand Theft Auto 6” is finally going to be released, it needs to take more cues from “Grand Theft Auto 4” than “5”; “GTA 5” and “GTA Online” have carried the series through all generations of consoles, but the style of “GTA 4” is more would be more appropriate for the next installment. It would be different from what the series has been for the past decade but would keep the game relevant in the future.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is certainly one of the most anticipated games currently in production. GTA 5 was the biggest entry in the series to date, and GTA 6 needs to match the success of its predecessor. To do so, however, it may be best to follow the example of the underappreciated “GTA 4” instead of following in its footsteps. Rumors of a “GTA 4” remaster, though not as strong as the sequel, indicate that it has its fans, and its approach may be worth keeping an eye on.

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GTA 6″ may not have the edge of “GTA 5”.

The Grand Theft Auto series has been pushing the envelope since its inception, and Grand Theft Auto 5 pushed it harder than any previous title. The game’s edgy sense of humor and satire became one of its calling cards, making it impossible to ignore in gameplay.

GTA 4 Was More Immersive Than GTA 5

According to the rockstar the game has been delay for 2 years

A game’s story is one of its most important elements and is essential to keeping players interested. When it comes to story, “GTA 4” had an impressive and immersive plot for a series known more for controversy than story; while the story in “GTA 5” sometimes lacked depth, “GTA 4” succeeded in making the player feel an integral part of the setting The storyline of “GTA 4” is a very interesting one.

In the story of “GTA 4,” players guide Nico through many missions both inside and outside the main storyline, helping to establish Nico and the world of Liberty City. Some stories also allow players to make critical decisions by letting Nico choose between two antagonistic characters. Some of the choices are as simple as Dwayne and Playboy X in “GTA 4,” but they serve to make the player feel like an important part of Liberty City.

While “GTA 5” often has you doing random tasks around town in between heists, “GTA 4” ties things together nicely; every mission in “GTA 4” feels like it’s building toward something, even if it’s far from the main storyline. It feels like the player has an important role to play, rather than simply pulling off a big heist, and the game feels more natural as a result.

While “Grand Theft Auto 4” is not without its flaws, “GTA6” is a better blueprint than “5”. By keeping the edgier aspects of the series in check and focusing more on the story, the game as a whole should be stronger. Grand Theft Auto 6 is highly anticipated after the success of GTA5, but that doesn’t mean it has to follow the same path.

The storyline of “GTA 4” was more emotional than that of “GTA 5

When they released Grand Theft Auto 4″. Criticized for the depressing tone typical of the series. However, “GTA 4” excelled at incorporating emotion into its story. Nico is by no means a good guy, but he incorporates a lot of rational motivation, and in this respect, he is a step ahead of “GTA 5”.

In “Grand Theft Auto 4,” Nico’s ambitions are different from those of many other “GTA” protagonists. Although he is a professional criminal, he has no ambition to further his career in the underworld. His goal is to find the man who betrayed him and his childhood friends in Serbia before “GTA 4”. He also shows a strong desire to protect his loved ones, especially his foolish cousin Roman. It is actually for Roman that Nico became involved in the Liberty City organized crime ring in the first place. In comparison, the friends in “GTA 5” are primarily concerned with getting rich and getting out of the latest trouble they stumbled into.


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