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Is Luke Skywalker Coming to Fortnite Soon?

Fortnite remains one of the premier battle royale games because it is free to play. Continues to make exciting new changes every year. Players can always expect significant changes to the game, including new mechanics, weapons, maps, and skins. Players may even be able to represent the iconic Luke Skywalker in battle in the future. What has been removed today (not yet in the game)? What is happening? – Luke Skywalker lightsaber – Guided missiles – Batman mythology – Wolverine mythology – Kingsman mythology Pic. Twitter /3RqxP7piA1 According to HYPEX…

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Sign up for Fortnite Let Them Know by visiting the Let Them Know website and logging in using your Epic Games account... Esports & Gaming Fortnite 

How to Register and Get Rewards for “Fortnite Let Them Know

Details on how to sign up for Fortnite Let Them Know quests and a list of all known challenges to earn rewards Want to know how to sign up for Fortnite Let Them Know and earn quests and rewards? A new set of Fortnite tasks requires you to sign in to a bespoke website if you want to earn exclusive rewards. Let Them Know Completing all of the tasks will earn you 350,000 XP and a Football World Cup cosmetic item. So it’s well worth doing while you can. The…

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A new Fortnite weapon is perfect Esports & Gaming Fortnite 

A new Fortnite weapon is perfect for Fornite mares

Epic’s battle royale game Fortnite is getting a whole new arsenal of weapons! Chapter 3 Season 4 is releasing faster than ever before! New weapons in Fornite mares have always been a cause for excitement and celebration in the battle royale game. Sometimes we get tweaks to existing weapons. Sometimes we get something truly revolutionary, and sometimes we get weapons that make you wonder what’s going on. Suppose you’re the main player in Battle Royale. “Fortnite” tips and tricks will get you closer to victory. Also, learn about the new…

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