Epic Games has officially announced a new skin and accessories named after Mr. Beast, the YouTube star who will appear in Fortnite next year, and Epic has confirmed that you will soon be able to cross paths with Mr. Beast in some way as part of the launch of the fourth episode of Fortnite, which began a little over a week ago. Beast confirmed that they would be crossing paths. And while fans have been waiting to see what the collaboration would look like, Epic has let it all out ahead of this weekend’s release.

Beginning December 14, Mr. Godby will officially be available in the Fortnite item store. The lovable YouTuber will be available in two skins, one a basic model and the other called “MrBeast6000,” which comes with an equipable mask that resembles the MrBeast logo. All outfits also feature a unique “pickaxe,” “glider,” “back bling,” and “back drop wrap.” Finally, a unique “Blastin'” emote will be available. This will allow Fortnite characters to play games with money.

No, It’s not clickbait

YouTubers won’t let this MrBeast skin and accessories be one of the most prominent parts of this crossover, but there’s nothing Fortnite won’t do: starting December 17, there will be a “Four Man Everest” live in-game for all but three hours. The first player to finish first in this competition will win $1 million in cash, and the top 100 players will win a unique Mr. BEAST glider.

Overall, the Mr. Bizzle collaboration will be the first big building to appear in Fortnite as Epic Games launches Chapter 4. As we have already seen, a clash between My Hero Academia and NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo will also take place this month. Fortnite is closing 2022 on a very strong note, which means you are unlikely to ever come back to the battle royale title in time.

Would you get this MrBeast skin and use it in “Fortnite”? What do you think of this crossover as a whole? Write and tell me what you think, or call me on social networking @MooreMan12.

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