How to Unlock MrBeast in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

MrBeast, a famous YouTuber and philanthropist, is coming to “Fortnite” Chapter 4 Season 1. Here’s how to unlock him. After the crossover between the fast food virtual restaurant MrBeast Burger and “Fortnite” occurred last month, fans wildly speculated that the popular YouTuber would appear in the game. Fortunately, their doubts were answered in the “Fortnite” … Read more

MrBeast is joining Fortnite with his own skins and a $1 million challenge.

MrBeast, who recently became YouTube’s most subscribed creator, will be the next to join the Fortnite icon series. The creator made a brief appearance in the trailer for the latest season of Fortnite, and Epic Games has now confirmed that MrBeast will get not only his own Fortnite skin but also a MrBeast-themed in-game contest … Read more


Epic Games has officially announced a new skin and accessories named after Mr. Beast, the YouTube star who will appear in Fortnite next year, and Epic has confirmed that you will soon be able to cross paths with Mr. Beast in some way as part of the launch of the fourth episode of Fortnite, which … Read more