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The PlayStation Store sells discounted PlayStation Plus tickets. Sony sells all levels of membership, including Essential, Extra, and Premium, for 30 euros less.

An annual PlayStation Plus membership usually costs around 60 – 120 euros. But often, there are offers significantly cheaper than that price.

Immediately after the Black Friday promotion, Sony began advertising a 30 discount when purchasing an annual membership at the PlayStation Store. The promotion will run through December 2022.

The discount ensures that interested parties can complete the PlayStation Plus Essential annual membership for €29 instead of €59.99. Extras will be offered for €99.99 and Premium for €89.99 instead of €119.99.

On the PlayStation Store subscription page and in the offers section, this reduction will cost you 150,000 yen out of pocket. If the discounted price is high, the corresponding entrants may take it there for a moment.

Price reductions could be limited to new and returning customers. However, customers have reported being able to stack memberships with lower prices in the last few hours. It is not yet clear which criteria will really apply to this deal, as most players without memberships are looking at this offer.


Frankly, there is no possibility of some PS Plus games being enabled for December 2022. That is the essential additional information that came out last Tuesday. For a detailed look, click here.

The Extra and Premium additions will be announced on December 14, 2022, before that new release on December 20, 2022.

The other benefits of PlayStation Plus are also impressive. Notably, these include access to many online and multiplayer games on PS4 and PS5. Cloud storage is included for one tier; other options, such as 100 GB of storage, should give more information, free trials and demos.

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Extras and Extra Tier offer more content. With the complete library of games, for example, you will have access to an exclusive collection of classics, test editions and streaming.

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