Is Luke Skywalker Coming to Fortnite Soon?

Fortnite remains one of the premier battle royale games because it is free to play. Continues to make exciting new changes every year. Players can always expect significant changes to the game, including new mechanics, weapons, maps, and skins. Players may even be able to represent the iconic Luke Skywalker in battle in the future.

What has been removed today (not yet in the game)? What is happening? – Luke Skywalker lightsaber – Guided missiles – Batman mythology – Wolverine mythology – Kingsman mythology Pic. Twitter /3RqxP7piA1

According to HYPEX on Twitter and several other leaks. Fortnite has already begun reintroducing familiar gear and items to the game files. However, they have yet to appear in the game. Among them is Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, which may be a game mechanic or hint at his possible appearance as an NPC shortly.

Since the Battle Pass is already filled and Gwen Stacy has been revealed as a Page 10 crossover skin. Luke may be added in another way or place, such as the store. If Luke is added as an NPC, it could mean more great Star Wars content coming to Fortnite, such as the return of lightsaber melee weapons.

Each season brings exciting and fun crossovers to Fortnite. Star Wars items, in particular, add a fun new perspective to your gameplay. Let us know what cast members you would like to add!

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