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Is Luke Skywalker Coming to Fortnite Soon?

Fortnite remains one of the premier battle royale games because it is free to play. Continues to make exciting new changes every year. Players can always expect significant changes to the game, including new mechanics, weapons, maps, and skins. Players may even be able to represent the iconic Luke Skywalker in battle in the future. What has been removed today (not yet in the game)? What is happening? – Luke Skywalker lightsaber – Guided missiles – Batman mythology – Wolverine mythology – Kingsman mythology Pic. Twitter /3RqxP7piA1 According to HYPEX…

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Do you still recommend Fortnite Save the World 2022?

Fortnite Save the World is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when one hears the game. Even though it was introduced later, the battle royale mode has overshadowed the original title. This raises the question of whether Save the World is still worth buying in 2022. Fans prefer to play the free battle royale mode rather than PvE, which costs $15. But the cost is not the only reason Save the World is not so popular; the answer to why PvE is not worth playing in 2022 lies…

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