Final Fantasy 14’s most controversial tanks are being reworked to be equally controversial

Today’s stream on Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.3 provided a lot of new information about the Paladin fixes. But the changes to this job will likely divide opinions as much as the job itself.

The developers aim to improve the Paladin’s ability to deal burst damage through various tweaks. Including reducing its reliance on damage over time, as is usual in FF14. We won’t get specifics on the changes until the patch is released. But for now, the developers bulleted some of the highlights.

  1. The rotation has been shortened to accommodate higher power actions.
  2. The damage effects of Goring Blade and Blade of Valor over time have been removed, and their power adjusted.
  3. Divine Might is now applied after a weapon skill combo. Allowing the enhanced Holy Spirit to be performed once without casting it.
  4. The effect of Holy Sheltron has been changed to reduce damage taken. Its protection against damage over time has been enhanced.
  5. The effect of the removed Bulwark has been revised, and its defense enhanced.

Paladins stand out among other tank positions in FF14 with their awkward rotations and high learning curve. While this work could make learning easier, veterans are concerned that the class’s unique playstyle will be cut to fit in with other already burst-oriented tanks.


In an interview with Game Watch, FF14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida said, “This overhaul is not about making it inconvenient or the same as other tank jobs, but about the current system of the paladin job, which has become quite distorted due to excessive buildup. It is to readjust it,” he said, elaborating a bit on the reason for the rework (translated by Gematsu. In other words, it’s not about taking away Hallowed Ground alone.”

Gematsu’s summary of Yoshida

Gematsu’s summary of Yoshida’s comments suggests that this job will begin to match the “homogenized” rhythm of most job rotations in modern Final Fantasy 14, with players discussing the merits of this particular reworking while also discussing the specific word choice that They seem to be obsessed.

“I think paladins need a major rework, and those who think they don’t are the ones who are already maining them or are already very good players,” writes Reddit user Damaris. “PLDs are not easy jobs to get. The timing of their skills is erratic, and alignment issues are often delayed.”

Duke_Ashura writes.” I hope everyone here understands that PLD is a bit janky and different from other tanks and that you play and like it because it offers a rewarding experience once you hit the skill ceiling.


If you’re wondering why developers hide the details of balance changes until a patch is released, this is exactly the reason for this type of discussion. You can find out how the Paladin changes will work in Final Fantasy 14’s Patch 6.3, which will be released on January 10.

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