Calus and Leviathan ships return in “Season of the Haunted” in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 17th season, “Season of the Haunted,” will be the Guardians’ next adventure, Bungie revealed Monday night. Season 17 will bring players back to the Leviathan, the giant planet-destroying ship that has been the scene of all previous activity. There will also be a reworking of the Solar 3.0 subclass, a new dungeon (sold separately from the season), and a host of new loot.

Before Beyond Light, Leviathan and its owner, Emperor Carus of Cabal, fled the orbit of Nessus and the solar system. Leviathan has returned to assume its nightmare, making its home above the moon. Players must board the ship, find out what’s going on, wield the powerful scythe, and become the “Grim Reaper.”


Nightmare Containment

Two activities are available in the new season: the first is “Nightmare Containment,” a free public event open to all players and taking place at The Leviathan; Sever is only available during the paid season and is located in The Leviathan, and will take place inside the basement of The Leviathan and in some of the old raid arenas. Players must remove Nightmare from Crow’s grip and find out what he is up to.

As for loot, the Trespasser Exotic Arc sidearm returns from the original Destiny and will be available from the Season Pass track. There are also four new season weapons (including what appears to be a Stasis Trace Rifle) and four weapons returning from the Menagerie activity in Season of Opulence.


Season of the Haunted will also see event upgrades, with Trials of Osiris adding new loot and Iron Banner getting a major overhaul, including the return of the Capture the Flag-like game mode Rift. Finally, Solstice, the summer event, changes the quality of life with a new event card system.

Season of the Haunted will begin on May 24, just hours after the release of this trailer, and will run through August 23.

Stories behind Season 17

Thus, there are many stories behind Season 17, but what will players collect this time? Here is the list of new content so far

  • Leviathan Free Roam Space: the gold-plated ship of Calus seems to have become a complete Metroid and an option for players to patrol.
  • Nightmare Containment: a seasonal public event in which players summon and destroy nightmares in the basement of Calus’ ship.
  • Sever a seasonal mission where players explore the Leviathan to uncover Calus’ plans.
  • Solar 3.0: a complete overhaul of the player’s solar skill tree, adding fragments and aspects to accommodate stasis and voids and improving customization.
  • Trespasser Exotic Sidearm: returning from Destiny 1, the Shiro-4 precision burst weapon was good then but could have been up-tuned to be more deadly and fun based on its treatment in the Season 17 trailer.
  • Menagerie loot: the Calus Mini Tool, Beloved, Austringer, and Drang from Season of Opulence’s Menagerie activity return.
  • Mystical Dungeons: The first of two new dungeons this year will go live on May 27 and offer Standard and Master difficulty levels.
  • Some extremely metal fits: the season pass is back as usual, but this time the armor ornament seems very extra, which I agree with.

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