Asobimo Announces 2023 Launch Date for Mobile MMORPG “Project AGW”

Asobimo, the developer of several MMORPGs for mobile devices, has announced the launch of a new MMORPG for 2023. We know it is currently underway with what appears to be a working title called “Project AGW.”

One teaser image on the official website shows a male and female warrior facing off with swords and flames burning in the town behind them. The caption reads “Fight or Die – The Endless War Begins” and “Into The Battleground.”

Could this be an allusion to a large-scale PVP battle? Or is that too much of an exaggeration? Either way, we won’t have long to wait for the answer, as the game will be released at some point in 2023. Until then, stay tuned to the official Twitter feed for further updates.

What is Asobimo?

Asobimo is a publisher and developer of mobile MMORPGs, with notable titles including the cult favorite “Toram Online,” the OG mobile MMORPG “Avabel Online,” and the more recent “Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak.


The company’s games are traditionally inspired by anime and old-school JRPGs, but it has recently moved toward a more realistic style. Its latest game, “Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak,” is more in the style of “Final Fantasy XIV.”

What can I play while I’m there?

Can’t we play in Asobimo’s library? Fortunately, we have already rounded up some of the best Android MMORPGs. We recommend Old School RuneScape (Google Play) as the best option, as it features an absolute metric ton of gameplay, including questing, crafting, and PVP.

If Old School isn’t enough, the updated RuneScape is also available on Google Play. There is also Albion Online (Google Play), which offers a fairly similar experience without the quests.

While not strictly MMORPGs, Diablo Immortal (Google Play), Genshin Impact (Google Play), and Tower of Fantasy (Google Play) also offer similar thrills and multiplayer experiences. Furthermore, all three games look stunning on a decent Android phone.

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