How to complete the quest, bock Elden ring

Want to complete the bock Elden ring quest? This half-man, half-beast seamstress may seem like a side character at first, but his quest is quite long, and he is one of the few characters in the entire bock Elden ring to have a happy ending. Boc flies around the map and tailors clothes for free, but judging by his dialogue, he has self-esteem issues He seems to have self-esteem issues.

Bock Elden ring quests ultimately help him either accept himself or change himself. Unfortunately, it is not a quest with many rewards; the unique thing you get is a My Lord gesture. However, like many NPCs, Boc will track your progress through the game, so it is a fairly easy quest.


This quest guide will explain where Boc appears in the game and what you need to do to secure this half-human tailor.

Bock Elden ring Quest Overview

Here are the steps to complete Bock’s quest and hire him as a royal sailor.

  • Rescue bock Elden ring by hitting him in a tree near the Place of Grace north of Lake Aguirre.
  • Talk to Bok in the coastal cave dungeon Site of Grace.
  • Defeat the Demi-Human Chief boss in the coastal cave and obtain the “Sewing Needle
  • Give the “sewing needle” to Bok
  • And meet Bok at the place of grace on the lakeside cliff.
  • Get the “Golden Sewing Needle” from the treasure chest in the Church of the Oath.
  • Purchase from Finger Leader Enia the Chest Armor for the bosses that can be changed, such as the Lion Armor of Ladarn.
  • Meet Bock at the Place of Grace at the East Raya Lucaria Gate.
  • Meet Bock at the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace or proceed to Raindel and meet Bock in the eastern capital, Rampart.
  • Give him the “Golden Sewing Needle.”
  • Go to the Hermit Village on Mount Germia, get the item “Plattling Pate You’re Beautiful,” use it near Bock and then talk to him or give him “Tears of Childhood” after hearing his request.

    If you use “You’re Beautiful” with Bock, you will continue to receive free tailoring in the eastern capital, Rampart. However, if you give him the “Tears of an Infant,” he will go to Raya Lukaria, where he will be transformed into a human and die (just like the short-lived scholar child in Rennara). Also, it would help if you defeated Lennara to make this request.

    Also, a word of caution. Once Malekith is defeated, and Raindel becomes the capital of Ashe, Bock seems to disappear from the game. I am unsure if this is a bug that only some people experience, but just a heads up.

    Location of Bock Encounter

    The first place to encounter Bock in Eldenring is near the Grace Ruins (West Rim Grave) north of Lake Agheel. He will call out to you as you walk south down the road.

    Use his voice to hit a nearby shrub (there seems to be a message around it) and let him go. When you run out of his dialogue, he will tell you to sneak into the Demi-Human’s lair and steal his treasure.

    How to obtain the “sewing needle

    Talk to Bok in the coastal cave, then talk to Bok in the dungeon’s Grace Ruins. After talking to him, enter the dungeon and defeat the Demihuman Chief boss. If it takes too long to defeat the boss, you can call the old knight Istvan, who is in front of the boss’s door.


    Go back to Bok and give him the “sewing needle” you got from the boss. By the way, clearing this dungeon will also unlock the “Dragon Sacrament Church.

    How to obtain the “Golden Sewing Needle

    Bocks appear in two locations in Liurnia: “The Place of Grace on the cliff facing the lake” and “The Place of Grace at the East Raya Lucaria Gate.”

    For the bock to appear, it must first rest, but it will tailor clothing for free at either location.

    Next, head to the Church of the Oath in East Lunia. Inside the church, you will find a box containing a “golden sewing needle.” This needle will be given to Bok later.

    How to obtain the My Road Gesture

    When you go to the Altus Plateau, you will find a bock at the “Land of Grace,” a junction of the Altus Road. Bock will ask you if you can call him “My Lord.” If you answer “Yes,” you will receive the “My Lord” gesture.

    He will give you the gesture “Tono.” You can also give him a “golden sewing needle” here, but you must have the boss’s clothes that can be modified, such as Ladarn’s Lion Armor. If you did not meet Bock at the Altus Highway Junction, you could meet him at the Capital Defense Unit to the east after entering Rydell.

    Give Bock the “Golden Sewing Needle,” and he will wonder if his mother would be proud of him. You have two options: use “Prattling Pate You’re Beautiful” near Bock and talk to Bock and tell him he is beautiful, or if you have killed Lenara, you can give him “Larval Tear” at Bock’s request.

    The second method is pointless, as you will kill the bock and receive nothing. After receiving the Tear of the Young Beast, he will move on to Lenara in the Great Library of Raya Lukaria and die shortly after.


    Instead, if you want to continue receiving free tailoring, you will need to use the “Prattling Pate You’re Beautiful” multiplayer item that allows you to say that phrase out loud. This item is described in the next section on how to obtain it.

    Platlingpete You’re Beautiful’s Location

    If you want to tell Bock he’s beautiful, go to the Hermit Village on Mount Germia. This place can only be reached from the Seeter River and Terminus, which can be reached via the southwestern Altus Plateau near the Windham Ruins. Head to the village, past the firekeeper’s fort and the Magma Wyrm boss, where there are many demihumans.

    At the entrance to the main street, a corpse is placed Plattering Pate You’re Beautiful. Go back to Bok and use this by his side and tell him he is beautiful. Your half-squire will continue to modify your armor for free and not go to Raya Lucaria to die. Unfortunately, the only reward for this quest is Boc’s devotion and service, but at least there is a happy ending.

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