Darktide release date for each region are as follows

It is hard to believe that we have been killing heretics for almost two weeks with Tertium, but the release date for Darktide is fast approaching. The pre-order beta seems to be buggy, which is probably the main reason why Fatshark decided to run the beta in the first place.

From cosmetics to crafting to even the ability to change appearance, nearly every feature is in the game in some form. Nevertheless, more will be coming in the full game, which will be released this week.

So here are the release times for each region of Darktide and what beta players can expect to see added.

Release Date for Warhammer 40K: Darktide

The full version of Darktide will be available on Steam and Xbox PC Game Pass on November 30. Those who have been waiting for the pre-order beta to end before purchasing can get the full game at this time. Playable times for each region are as follows.

  • US East Coast: 1 pm EST
  • US West Coast: 10 am PST
  • UK: 6 pm GMT
  • Europe: 7 pm CEST
  • Japan: 3 am JST (December 1)
  • Australia: 6 am AEDT (December 1)
  • New Zealand: 7 am NZDT (December 1)

You can see the full region list in the image above and the system requirements on the official Steam page . Darktide has been in pre-order beta since November 17 as Fatshark works on stability and adding features. Still, it was recently announced that Darktide’s progress would carry over to the full release, it was also announced. At launch, the game will be patched for stability based on the beta, plus all 60+ weapons and 13 playable missions will be available.

Darktide Gameplay

Darktide is a first-person co-op shooter with an emphasis on melee combat. If you have played Fatshark’s Vermintide series, the gameplay will be familiar to you since it is from the same developer. Darktide focuses on melee combat, but players can use a variety of ranged weapons, grenades, and even the occasional psychic ability.

While ranged weapons are attractive, ammunition is not plentiful in this game. Therefore, you will most likely have to use melee weapons. If you are worried that melee combat will be tiring and boring, don’t worry. In this game, each character can use a variety of ranged and melee weapons. Combat shovels, huge maces, and the fan-favorite chainsword are just a few of the weapons available.


As opponents, up to four players will fight against AI-controlled enemies. The enemies are much more numerous, so coordination is very important. Some of the enemies are ordinary soldiers and heretics who can be easily defeated with a swing or two.

There are also enemies, such as the elites mentioned above, who can be very damaging to defeat and can even inflict damage themselves. Occasionally, you will face hordes of these enemies or bosses. Managing your power, health, and ammo is critical to completing each level.

Speaking of levels, the main gameplay of Darktide revolves around the different levels and their respective missions. These missions range from retrieving ammunition from supply ships to exterminating the daemons that haunt the machines. Players must work together to accomplish these tasks and return home alive.

Upon completing missions, players receive experience and money. As you level up, you will be able to use better skills and passives. You can also unlock cosmetics to change the look of your character and armor. There is much to do in order to serve the Emperor of Mankind.

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