Elden Ring: How to get maiden blood with Elden Ring

Fast-travel to the Church of the Forbidden to find the Maiden's Blood. - There, quickly save your game at the nearby Place of Grace.
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In Elden Ring, runes can be difficult to obtain. Thankfully, there are several places where runes can be easily collected. The best example of this is Mohgwyn Palace. However, this location is late in the game and requires completing several quests and defeating several bosses in order to enter unless you complete the White Mask Vale quest.

Once during his quest, you must find the Maiden’s Blood. However, if you pay attention to Vale’s dialogue, you will see that he does not actually have the maiden. Fortunately, there are several alternatives.

In this article, we will look at how to do Vale’s quest line and the four places where you can eventually pick up the maiden’s blood.

The Adventures of Vahle

When you first meet the white-faced Vale, he is standing in your first place of grace. When you talk to him, he immediately makes fun of you for not having a maiden and makes you want to stab him in the face.

After leaving him behind to explore Rimgrave and clear Stormvale Castle, when you return, he disappears and leaves a message asking you to meet him at the Rose Church of Lake Liurnia.

Find him again, chat with him again and select the options that are negative about the two fingers. You will then receive 5 “Festering Bloody Fingers,” which you can use to invade other players.

You can also kill an NPC called Magnus the Beast Claw if you are playing offline. His signature can be found in one of the abandoned buildings in Writheblood Ruins.


When you have completed that mission, return to him and speak to him again. He will invite you to join the Order and give you the Lord of Blood’s Favor, a pure white sworn cloth. His final test is to immerse himself in the blood of the maiden.

Earning the Maiden’s Blood by Murder


The easiest person to obtain the Maiden’s Blood is Irina on the Weeping Peninsula. You can obtain it immediately by killing her mercilessly as soon as you encounter her or by obtaining it from her corpse at the end of the quest.


Another one you can obtain is by killing Hyetta. She can be found in various places, whether or not you have spoken to her before.

  • Found near the “Grace of the cliff facing the lake” in Lake Ljurna.
  • Found on the west side of the “Purified Ruins” also in Liurnia, Lake Liurnia.
  • Found north of the Gate Town Bridge in Liurnia.
  • Found in Bellum Church, northeast of Liurnia in Lake Liurnia.
  • Found in the Frenzied Flame Chanting, far below the royal city of Raindel.

Clean (ish) Hands – Dead Maiden

Fast-travel to the Church of the Forbidden to find the Maiden's Blood. - There, quickly save your game at the nearby Place of Grace.
(Image Credit: FromSoftware Inc)

Church of Inhibition

If you don’t want to kill blind NPCs, the best way is to get the maiden’s blood from the corpse of the Church of Inhibition in eastern Liurnia. To get to the church, stay near the hill east of the area, Frenzied Flame Village (you may want to mark the tower of frenzied flames) and the minor Erdtree in this area.

When you first arrive there, beware of the invaders. Once you have defeated the invaders, you will find a dead maiden sitting on a chair next to the place of grace. You can also take a set of finger maiden armor from her body.

Chapel of Anticipation

The last maiden who can receive blood is in the Chapel of Anticipation. This is an unfamiliar name, but it is the starting point. To return to this area, you must have the “Imbued Sword Key.”

Once you have this key, you need to move to the “Four Bell Towers” in the western part of Liurnia. As the name implies, there are four bell towers to choose from; in the second bell tower, there is a message that says “Precipice of Anticipation,” which must be deciphered. While you are checking the message, watch out for spirit trolls that will spawn.

Once you get the portal and move on, you may have to face the Grafted Scion boss, depending on whether or not you defeated him first. At this stage, you won’t have much trouble defeating it.

Finishing The Quest

Once that is done, return to the church where you started the game. There you will find the corpse of the maiden sitting on the floor to your left.

It’s a medal that will allow me to teleport to Mogwin Palace and mine the runes to my heart’s content.

Final Thoughts

In Eldenring, there are multiple sources of maiden blood. Whether you kill the blind NPC or take it from the body of an already dead finger maiden, the choice is yours, but it is worth it to be able to unlock the Mohgwyn Palace without going to the Consecrated Snowfield.


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