3 Best Ranking Elden Ring Curved Sword

Elden Ring Curved Sword are the choice of many players looking for a fast, light, and reliable weapon. In contrast to straight swords, the best-curved swords tend to fit best in Dexterity-oriented builds, but not necessarily.

Ranking Elden Ring Curved Sword

These weapons are extremely versatile and can be used in many builds. Whether you are a two-handed, off-hand melee weapon, or even two-handed, the curved sword offers a variety of play styles to suit your build.

Therefore, this article will introduce 3 of the best-Elden Ring Curved Sword in the Elden ring and give tips on where to find them and how to use them.

The 5 Best Elden Ring Curved Sword

Without further ado, let’s look at the five best-curved swords in Elden Ring, ranked from respectable to unbeatable.

#1. Wing of Astel

The perfect weapon for a Dexterity/Intelligence hybrid build, the Wing of Astel has a very useful Unique Heavy Attack and Unique Weapon Skill. Do not sleep with this weapon.

Elden Ring Curved Sword
(Image Credit: Drew Swanson)


The Wing of Astel is magic-leaning, with a base physical attack stat of 65 and a base magic attack stat of 78. The Strength required to wield it is Strength 7, Dexterity 17, and Intelligence 20. The requirements are more stringent than other curved swords, but the excellent damage scaling more than makes up for it.

Dexterity and Intelligence are D ranks, becoming C rank with an upgrade of +5 and B rank with +8.

How to get it

Aster’s Wings are a little harder to find. They are located underground in the ruins of the Wool Palace, near the Einsel River. However, it can only be accessed from the north of this area. Starting from Noxtela, the bounty of the Eternal City Ruins, climb the ladder to the east and go through the door.

From here, stay to the right and continue up the watery cavern, eventually coming to the end of the tunnel and seeing the enemy standing on the ledge. Continue right along the narrow cliff passage to find a chest on a beam of the ruins. Inside that chest are the Wings of Aster.

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How to use the Wings of Aster

This weapon has many advantages and is worth considering. The weapon has a unique heavy attack that fires magic bullets without expending FP. This makes the weapon suitable for both close and long-range combat. In addition to this ranged attack, the Wings of Aster has a unique weapon skill called Nebula.

This skill generates a magical cloud, which explodes in an arc forward. With its wide area of effect, this skill is effective when dealing with large groups of enemies and can expand the range of Aster’s combat.

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#2. Scavenger’s Curved Sword

This sword may not be impressive on its own, but with the right modifications, it can be the perfect sword for dual wielding. This is thanks to its passive Blood Loss and powerful Infusion.

Elden Ring Curved Sword
(Image Credit: Drew Swanson)


Scavenger’s Curved Sword has a base physical attack strength of 105. It requires Strength 9 and Dexterity 14, which is very reasonable. This requirement and its lightness make it an ideal weapon for dual wielding.

It has balanced damage scaling in strength and Dexterity, each with a base grade of D and a maximum upgrade to C. However, for optimal play with this weapon, you may consider using it in an Arcane-centric build. The reasons for this will be explained later.

Where to get it
It can be found on corpses in the northeastern part of Mt. Germia. Follow the road northwest from the first campsite on Mt. Germia, and you will come to a bridge of stone pillars. Cross this bridge while watching out for a nearby enemy named Grafted Scion, and you will see a corpse next to a ladder. The scavenger’s sword is on this corpse.

How to use the Scavenger’s Sword
The Curved Sword features a passive ability to accumulate Blood Loss. This makes your Arcane level important; you should increase your Arcane level to maximize Blood Loss damage. Additionally, it is recommended that you infuse this sword with the Ashes of Battle, which grants it occult affinities.

Occult Affinity changes your damage scaling to E for Strength, D for Dexterity, and most importantly, B for Arcane. Higher Arcane stats increase the damage scaling of melee attacks and Blood Loss.

It is useful for drawing single enemies away from the group and dealing with them more safely. However, in this case, since we are only interested in occult affinities, it is better to use this weapon offhand and concentrate on using the skills of the main hand weapon.

This weapon is most effective when used in a two-fisted manner, which is why I recommend combining it with Bandit’s Curved Sword. As with most Blood Loss builds, Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman is a must to further increase damage output.

#3. Serpent-God’s Curved Sword

Want to heal while wounding? These curved swords can not only inflict damage but also heal that damage.

Elden Ring Curved Sword
(Image Credit: Drew Swanson)


Unlike other curved swords, Serpent-God’s Curved Sword tends to lean toward the Strength side. Its base physical attack power is 113, requiring Strength 13 and Dexterity 9 to wield. DamageHow to use the Serpent God’s Curved Swordscaling is slightly in favor of Strength, with a base grade of D but a maximum upgrade to a C grade. Dexterity, on the other hand, is an E grade and becomes a D grade when upgraded to the maximum.

How to obtain

Located in the “Run-Strewn Precipice” on a lonely cliff, from the Overlook at the Run-Strewn Precipice, take the nearby elevator down, pass between the two bats, and head north. Here, climb the ladder, and you will find the Land Octopus. Behind the Land, Octopus is the Serpent God’s Curved Sword, so either defeat it or run past it to get the weapon.

How to use the Serpent God’s Curved Sword

Aside from its strength tendencies, the Snake God’s Curved Sword’s greatest feature is its passive ability that heals the user when an enemy is defeated. This ability recovers 2.5% of the user’s maximum HP, with an additional 25 HP for each enemy defeated.

It can also inflict relatively great poison damage, which curved swords generally do not excel at. The curved sword also has a unique feint technique that allows it to charge up a heavy attack and then dodge and perform a quick slash and backward rotation to distance it from the enemy. Use this technique to get out of a tight spot.

Bandit’s Curved Sword

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