Hot spring management simulation “Overcooked” meets Spirited Away

This is a cool new game from independent developer Onsen Master, which has the feel of Overcooked meets Spirited Away, with a manic style...
(Image Credit: Waking Oni Games)

There is a new indie game called Onsen Master, which takes the idea of managing hot springs and looks a lot like Overcooked. Spirited Away with studio Ghibli-style Hot spring management mixed in.

Onsen Master is a hot spring management game pitched as Overcooked meets Spirited Away. Suppose you’ve seen Studio Ghibli’s gorgeous animated films about a girl. Who arrives at a mysterious public bathhouse filled with spirits. In that case, you may have wondered what it would be like to manage such an establishment.

Waking Oni Games’ “Onsen Master” is a cooperative game that makes such dreams come true. Tasking players with running a variety of hot springs while thwarting the actions of pesky ghosts.


In this title, “Moo,” an apprentice of the “Onsen Master,” is tasked with managing a hot spring on Izu Island.

To satisfy the customers, he must prepare materials to solve their problems. Ensure they get into the right baths, so they do not get lost.

The story and search for Dr. Onsen

This is a cool new game from independent developer Onsen Master, which has the feel of Overcooked meets Spirited Away, with a manic style...
(Image Credit: Waking Oni Games)

However, there is a dark cloud over the island, and mischievous spirits called yokai to appear. This yokai interferes with business, and we must do something to get them back in business.

If you advance the story and search for Dr. Onsen, you will also encounter a boss battle in which a huge skeleton-like yokai. Appears out of the water and destroys the store.


Onsen Banchou is a short story mode with visual novel elements that can be played solo or in split-screen cooperation with two players (or online via Steam’s Remote Play feature). This mode follows Moo’s journey to find out. What happened to his master and to unravel the mystery of Izu Island?

Six Hot Springs

You can also enter six hot springs and act quickly in the arcade mode or multiplayer mode, where you must beat other players in the same hot spring to get customers’ attention.

Onsen Master will be available on Steam and the Epic Games store on September 1. If you are looking for anime-inspired games, here are some of the best anime games available on PC. And if you are interested in emulating real-world activities in virtual space, we have some of the best simulation games.

Derrick Fields, the founder of Waking Oni Games, said. “Onsen Master has been a part of my life for the past seven years.” The entire team and I at Waking Oni Games are very excited to finally share our completed vision with the world!”

“It has been a real pleasure working with the team at Waking Oni Games.” said Dr. Matthew White, CEO of Whitethorn Games. Onsen Master is an amazing and unique game, and we’re proud to be a part of it.” We are excited for people to fully experience it!”

Onsen Master features arcade-style one- and two-player cooperative play. Where players must manage guests at a hot spring and prepare or combine the right ingredients to cure ailments, just running around the hot springs. Rounding up stray guests and filling the right bathtub with the right concoction is busy enough. Still, pesky yokai will try to interfere with the player’s services.


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